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My goal is to help YOU succeed!

And the very first step to success is.... get over the fear.  

Canning is easy!  It really is.  

This workshop is free and my way of getting you started.  

You'll learn how to use your pressure canner for the very first time, including.

The top 3 safety features that make pressure canning simple and easy.

How to not be concerned about your pressure canner exploding or poisoning your children. 

Seriously,  it's my gift to you.  Check it out.  I'll bust the myths that you have about that big ol' pot with the dials and gauges.  

Home canning must be done right....
but right doesn't mean Hard! 

with Sharon Peterson

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There are two basic types of home preservers:

Those who are seriously looking at putting up enough food for the whole family.

Food preservation is part of a simple frugal lifestyle. They are always on the hunt for new canning recipes. 

Do you love having a self-sufficient feeling? Me too. Let's create a well stocked pantry for you to enjoy.

Those who create for fun. It's a hobby. A way to enjoy foods and create their own delicacies.

Do you want to develop a new culinary hobby? Are you a food enthusiast? Would you love to be able to create gourmet gifts? You will find the basics you need to be safe and scrumptious.

Let's work together and create those inviting jars of

This will be a place for you to learn and develop your own skill at this culinary art. 

Simply Canning is a collection of home canning recipes and tips and tricks from my kitchen to yours.  Which one are you? I'm a little of both heavy on the lifestyle choice side.

I just felt compelled to write you a quick e-mail and say, "thank you" for what you're doing. Not many web sites out there like yours. It's like being taught by your best friend. :) Sincerely,
Ruth - Marion NY


Thank you for all the helpful practical information that you post.  I've been gardening and canning for a lot of years and your information keeps me up to date, doing it right. Keep up the good work. PS: I Thessalonians 4:11 is one of my favorite verses. ~ Johnna 

Home Canning Recipes for Vegetables, Fruit, Jam or Jelly, Pickles and Meat.

Food preservation help with dehydrating, freezing, and homemade freeze dry food storage

Sun ripened fruits, garden fresh vegetables and home grown meat. We all know just how good and how nutritious they are.

Learn to provide healthy nutritious foods for your family and have fun doing it. Don't get me wrong, filling your pantry is a lot of work up front.

The benefits you enjoy throughout the year are OH SO worth it.

I have attempted to share safe preserving methods and home canning recipes. However, I make no promises. You alone are responsible for your health. Be aware of current safety recommendations.   See my Full Disclaimer here.

Online Canning Classes

Learn Home Canning

I've been teaching home canning for a long time.  I'd love to share what I've learned with you.  

Simply Canning School is what you need to start filling jars.

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