Canning Quick Start is a 7 email series that brings you through all the most important information to know first. A great way to get started.

Free Online Canning Class: This Canning QuickStart is a tour to sort through all the most important information. You found Simply Canning. It’s helpful, it’s encouraging, it’s just what you need… but oh my, there is so… much… information!

Are you lost?  Don’t know where to start?

Let me guide you through all the things you need to know….even when you didn’t know you needed to know.  🙂  This simple free canning class is delivered through e-mail and gives you a track to follow through the pages on Simply Canning. Gives you a quick head start.

Canning Quick Start free email series short course.


  1. Welcome  – Canning Safety 
  2. Water Bath canning
  3. Pressure canning
  4. What about Tomatoes?
  5. Canning books and courses.
  6. Tips for canning day success. And your first project! (you can do it!)
  7. Conclusion and What’s next?

One e-mail a day for 7 days.  Each email focuses on a different aspect of home canning.

And it’s free!  No charge. This along with our regular newsletter and you’ll be moving right along in no time.

You’ll also get our newsletters. Each issue contains a variety of information. Includes updates to the website, answers to frequently asked questions, recipes, and canning tips.

What others say:

It is so fun to read the comments and notes from the readers and canners here. I love hearing about your backgrounds. And it is encouraging to know that I am sending the type of information that you readers need. Positive comments all around. Love it!

Always pleased when your email arrives. So much wonderful information.

Have some beef to can next. You were the one who made me realize how simple it is and how we enjoy the results! Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us. I recommend your site to all my canning friends.

Bless you


I can’t thank you enough! I had to teach myself how to can and only started about 6 or 7 years ago. Man I wish I had been old enough at the time my aunts and older cousins were canning so they could have taught me. I’m in my early 60’s now so I guess I’m late to the party. In any case, you have helped me find other ways for research and development…mostly for sugar-free recipes and how to can them safely. I always look forward to your informative emails. Thank you so much again.

Micki Maupin

Yes, I love reading your post about canning. I actually started canning from an email you sent. I’ve only been doing it for two years I still have lots to learn and I enjoy your insight. 

Thank you


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Your tip on straining off the tomato water !

And you have a product you can use instead of evaporating it off !




Hi Sharon,

I am so grateful for your encouragement and guidance this past canning season. We are enjoying the beans, tomatoes, jams, sauerkraut, apples, and soup and stew recipes, and all of the other goodies. Baking German cookies today. You are a treasure and I hope to call you a friend.

Pat Brownlee

Or if you know you want to jump into a full online canning class with video tutorials, check out our full Simply Canning School – Online Canning Classes.

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