Unlock the secrets to safe home canning with my Simply Canning book—your comprehensive guide to preserving the goodness of your harvest without the worry of endangering your loved ones.

Discover the Confidence of Safe Canning

Spiral bound Simply Canning Guide books.

Are you uncertain? Is the fear holding you back? Don’t worry!

Home canning information that will give you confidence and peace of mind…. we all love peace of mind.

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Your Ultimate Canning Resource

The Spiral Bound Simply Canning Guide books offer you:

  • Logical, Step-by-Step Guidance: Overwhelmed by the sea of canning safety information? Our guide consolidates the most vital details in one accessible place, answering your questions before you even ask them.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Designed to boost your grasp of canning principles and safety, the Simply Canning Guide empowers you with the knowledge you need for successful and enjoyable home canning.
  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: With 221 pages of safe home canning information, this guide is your key to canning confidence, providing the peace of mind we all cherish.
Canning apricots pages inside the Simply Canning Guide book.

Sometimes you don’t even know what questions to ask! This guide pulls all of the most important canning information and organizes it in a single place. Are you not sure where to start? You will find a logical step by step guide to all the essentials.

This guide is designed to boost your understanding of canning principals and safety, and make your canning a success. Simply Canning will give you essential information you need for safe, successful and fun home canning.

What’s Inside?

  • Proven Canning Recipes: From fruits and vegetables to meats, discover a diverse array of recipes to stock your food storage.
  • Scientifically Accurate Information: Gain a clear understanding of the canning process and how it safeguards your food for extended shelf life.
  • Choosing the Correct Canning Method: Water bath or pressure canning? Learn when and why to use each method, and uncover the practices you should avoid at all costs.
  • Pressure & Water Bath Canning Tips & FAQs: Benefit from Sharon’s years of canning expertise, finding answers to common questions and overcoming confusion to keep your canning days running smoothly.
  • Preserving Equipment Tips: Distinguish between essential and handy equipment, putting an end to your equipment-related uncertainties.
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Available in 2 formats. Spiral and Pdf download

Available in two convenient formats, the Simply Canning Guide can be yours in a spiral-bound paperback or a downloadable pdf that you can print out or read on your computer.

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A spiral bound paperback is sold at an online bookstore. Lulu.com is where you can order. Please note lulu.com handles all aspects of this sale. I am not shipping this out personally.

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I also sell a pdf printable version right here. Order this version and you can print the book and add it to a 3 ring notebook.

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