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Do you have any home canning questions that you have not been able to answer? This is the place to be!

I have to say that I have received some great questions. Some making me really think and dig into why canning works. Some seem to be repeated often. Here are a few very common questions, and links to the question and answer conversations.

Some often asked questions:

My Jelly did not set up, why?

There are MANY more questions answered at the bottom of this page... just scroll down.

Is my recipe safe for canning?

I often have folks ask me if their particular recipe is safe to can. The recipes will range from simple to elaborate. 

I don't have the facilities to test recipes.  This is the type of question that I'll refer you to your extension service. They have the resources to do testing. I'm just a mom who loves to can! 

More places to get answers

There are FAQ sections at the bottom of both Canning Vegetables and Canning Equipment pages.

I've been receiving so many questions that the list on this page has become unwieldy! I plan on  sorting and organizing these questions to the page topics where they might more easily be found.

In the meantime browse the list below.... (I know it is long!)

In addition, your local extension service is a great place to get answers to many questions. Please consider giving them a call. Here is a place to look up the phone numbers.  My experience with our local office is helpful and friendly.

Remember Simply Canning is a one woman operation. I may not be able to get back to you immediately. If your question really needs an answer right away you will be better off calling your local extension.

If there is no office listed for your town. Just find the next closest one. They don't have to be in your hometown to answer your question over the phone.

If you have questions on long term food storage and emergency preparedness check out Family Survival Planning. They have a wealth of information.

Questions from other visitors

Click below to see the questions from other visitors to this page...and some answers.

Canning previously frozen foods? 
If my electric went out can I cook then can frozen veg's, meats? _______________________________ Hi, that is a great question. My answer with meats …

Reheating chutney to can the next day 
Is it safe to make chutney one day, then the next day reheat it and can it in the prescribed manner? ________________________ answer: If you have …

Hot Pepper Canning ? 
I hot bathed 10 jars of assorted hot peppers and did NOT remove stems or seeds . Should I open all the jars and redo the process removing all stems and …

the whole process 
I am canning Jalapenos. I found a recipe that uses vinegar and preserving salt (boil vinegar add salt, solution to the jarred sliced Jalapenos). I …

Pressure variances 
Our local cooperative extension service recommended canning salmon at 11 lbs. for 100 minutes (1/2 pint jars). The pressure cooker is determined to stay …

Canning Pepper Jelly 
When I am canning pepper jelly and process the jars in a water bath the peppers float to the top. The flavor is great but the jars scream " MISTAKE" …

Plastic Pop Bottles for Canning 
My neighbor is planning on canning tomato juice in 2l plastic pop bottles with screw top lids. He plans to seal the lids with clear tape or parafilm-type …

Regarding Canning cream sauce 
I'm planning to can carbonara sauce but your response to the question that canning cream sauce is not safe because it consist of milk and cream, why is …

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I've been teaching home canning for a long time.  I'd love to share what I've learned with you.  

Simply Canning School is what you need to start filling jars.

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