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Canning Quick Tips is a video tutorial tip series where I answer home canning questions readers have submitted. 

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How to Can Vegetables

How to can vegetables in a mix, green beans and onion.

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How to Can Meat

How to can meat from the freezer or refrigerator cold. Don’t put cold meat in a hot jar.  Do this instead.

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Food Canning

Home canning and food storage.  How long will jars of food last?

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Pickling Recipes

Find out why pickling recipes for vegetables do not require a pressure canner.

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Home Canning Equipment

Learn what options are best, and what things you need to watch for while purchasing products like jars, canners, and lids for canning at home!

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Do you have any home canning questions that you have not been able to answer? This is the place to be!

I have to say that I have received some great questions. Some making me really think and dig into why canning works. Some seem to be repeated often. Here are a few very common questions, and links to the question and answer conversations.

Some often asked questions:

Home Canning Questions

I often have folks ask me if their particular recipe is safe to can. The recipes will range from simple to elaborate. 

I don't have the facilities to test recipes.  These are the type of home canning questions that I'll refer you to your extension service. They have the resources to do testing. I'm just a mom who loves to can! 

Your local extension service is a great place to get answers. Please consider giving them a call. Here is a place to look up the phone numbers.  My experience with our local office is helpful and friendly.

Remember Simply Canning is a one woman operation. I may not be able to get back to you immediately. If your question really needs an answer right away you will be better off calling your local extension.

If there is no office listed for your town. Just find the next closest one. They don't have to be in your hometown to answer your question over the phone.

If you have questions on long term food storage and emergency preparedness check out Family Survival Planning. They have a wealth of information.

Online Canning Classes

Learn Home Canning

I've been teaching home canning for a long time.  I'd love to share what I've learned with you.  

Simply Canning School is what you need to start filling jars.

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