Why are My Jars Popping After Canning?

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Why are My Jars Popping After Canning

What happens when you’re taking your jars out of the canner and they start popping immediately? What do you do? What does that popping sound when canning mean? Hi! My name is Sharon Peterson, and I’m with SimplyCanning.com where you can find home canning tutorials, tips and tricks, and online classes. Please join me there, and I will help you get your pantry filled.

Video Transcript – Edited for Clarity

Today’s question comes from my inbox. This is from Anne. Let me read her question. “Sharon, your canning article will be very helpful in the future. I have a question that I hope you have an answer to. I was putting up some pepper jelly. As I was taking my jars out of the water bath–oh, 10 minutes–my seals started popping. What went wrong? Will I need to toss this batch?”

So Anne’s concern is that as she’s taking the jars out, they’re already popping. As most canners know, that popping sound when canning is a good thing. I did want to clarify with her. When you say popping, do you mean they’re making a popping sound? If so, that’s good. But if you mean the lids are popping up and unsealing, then you’ll need to check those seals.

A Popping Sound When Canning – Is It Normal?

When you’re taking your jars out of the canner, sometimes they will immediately start popping. Generally, you’ll put them on the counter and after a few minutes, they’ll start popping. The popping sound when canning is a good thing IF it indicates that this lid is popping down. Just leave the jar on the counter. Ignore the popping sound, or you can even watch them and see lids going up and down. When they are totally cool, check that lid. Make sure the seal is down, then you know that you have a good seal.

The popping sound immediately is not a problem. Don’t start pushing on the lid. Don’t touch it. Just put it on the counter. Let it pop. When they are completely cooled off, make sure the lid is sealed.

I hope that was helpful. You guys have a great day. Come visit me at SimplyCanning.com, and we will see you in the next Canning Chat. Bye.

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Junie Martinez-Laine
Junie Martinez-Laine
1 year ago

I have been pressure canning for 1.5 yrs today I canned bone broth. When I releases the lid after pressure was down the lids started popping. I’m used to that but there were 7 jars and it was like a continuous popping noise 20 or more times, maybe like the lids were going up and down? I have never experienced this. I have left them in the canner and put the lid back on ajar as I was wondering if my porch room air was too cool ,it’s around 48-51 deg