Canning Equipment

I've been teaching home canning for a long time.  I'd love to share what I've learned with you.   Simply Canning School's online video based classes .

A list of canning equipment you absolutely must have.... and some that aren't required but very very handy! 

Canning Equipment, what are the must haves.

Essential Canning Equipment first.  

pressure canners

A pressure canner can be intimidating but it truly is safe and simple. If you want to get serious with canning your own products to feed your family, a good pressure canner is a true necessity.

Pressure Canners - This article goes through step by step the process of using a pressure canner. 

Image of Sharon and her pressure canners.

If you are in the market to purchase a pressure canner I've got three pages you should look at. 

Video comparing the All American and the Presto Pressure canner

All American Canner Reviews 

Presto Pressure Canner Reviews

Waterbath Canner

Water Bath Canner 

If you will be mainly focusing on fruits, jams, jellies, pickles and salsa. A Water Bath Canner may be the way to go.

The best way to learn how to can before you jump in a buy a pressure canner.

stainless steel waterbath canner

Stainless Steel Waterbath Canners 
If you are going to be doing a lot of canning... you might just as well get the good stuff to get started. I highly recommend a stainless steel waterbath canner. Find out why.

Ball Canning Jar lids.  flats and rings

Canning Jar Lids How do they work? 

Reusable Canning Jar Lids Tattler lid review

various sizes of canning jars sitting on the table.

Canning Jars 
Kerr, Mason or Ball canning jars are all suitable jars for canning.

Canning Kits 
A canning kit may just be the best route to go if you are needing to purchase most of your equipment. Everything you need in one. 

green plastic canning jar funnel

A canning funnel has a larger opening to fit your jars. This is really something that would be hard to do without.

Canning Jar lifter and a lid lifter.

Jar Lifter and Magnetic lid lifter These two are the essential hand tools to have.

green plastic 3 sided ladle

The Perfect Canning Ladle 
By far my favorite.. The Soup Saver Scoop. I review it here.

Home Canning Jars - Creative Storage Solutions

Home Canning Jars - Creative Storage Solutions

Home canning jars take up a lot of room. Whether filled with food or not, you’ll need a place to keep them clean and safe. talks about getting creative and finding storage that isn’t in the way.

Optional Canning Equipment, Tools and Supplies - although I call them optional... they really do make life easier.

Steam Juicer

Don't confuse this with a steam pressure canner.  They are two very different tools for the home canner. 

This does not process your jars of food.  It does however steam foods and produces a beautiful juice!  

Check out the Norpro Steam Juicer here. 

A canning rack.

Canning Rack 
Your canner should come with one of these already but occasionally a rack will rust and eventually need to be replaced.

squeezo food strainer

Food Strainer or Food Mill 
Another life simplifier. Use these when processing tomatoes or applesauce and more.

Volcano grill with a canner sitting on top

The volcano stove or grill is perfect for outdoor canning, emergency cooking or an easy portable camp stove.

Volcano Grill

Front of the Tahoe Stove.

Another option for outdoor canning is the Camp Chef Tahoe Stove.  I ran both my pressure canner and waterbath canner with no reservations about the stove holding both canners at the same time.  Heavy and full of water, I was confident the camp chef was able to steadily hold each. 

Check out the Camp Chef Stove here.

The jarbox with quart jars of tomatoes

Canning Jar Storage boxes are a very handy thing to have. Read more about them and my review by clicking here.

Peeling an apple with an apple peeler corer slicer.

Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

These make life so much easier.... worth their weight in gold if you are canning applesauce.

Video review.  Click through and see how they work.  

Two jars of apple pie.  One with clear jel one with cornstarch.

Clear Jel 
"Believe me once you get to using it, you will never go back to reg. cornstarch again.

shelf full of antique canning jars

Antique Canning Jars 
I love Antique Canning Jars, however they have no place in canning processing foods. Here you'll learn why.

Canning on a Glass Top Stove

Canning on a glass top stove: Is it safe? Will it damage your stove? What canner should you use? shares facts you need to know to make an informed decision for yourself.

Canning on an Induction Stove.

Canning on an Induction Stove

What about canning on an induction stove? Is it possible? Is it even safe?

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