Harvest Guard Canning Lids Review

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Sharon Intro: I’ve been using reusable canning lids, but I have never tried the Harvest Guard Brand. I am familiar with the owner of this company, and I figured they would make a good product…I was right! My assistant, Rachel, received some lids and agreed to give us her recommendation. It sounds like she has had great success so far!

After the great canning lid shortage of 2020, my family gifted me some reusable Harvest Guard canning lids for Christmas. I was excited to be prepared for the upcoming canning season! One January weekend, I tried them for the first time, experimenting with a batch of carrots. Here is what I thought.

Note: I received these lids as a gift from my family. This was a personal purchase and not sponsored. This review simply shares my honest opinions about them so far.

What are Harvest Guard Canning Lids?

As you already know, a more “traditional” canning jar lid comes in two pieces: a ring and a flat metal lid with a sealing compound around the edge. While some people do reuse traditional canning lids (and I might be tempted to do so in a pinch, if I had nothing else available), it’s not technically recommended. Most home canners use the flat lid once before discarding.

Harvest Guard lids fix this problem, providing a reusable canning lid system that isn’t thrown away after each use.

Harvest Guard reusable lids look similar to regular canning lids in their design. However, the flat part of Harvest Guard lids comes in two separate pieces: a domed plastic lid with a separate rubber sealing gasket that sits on the jar rim. (According to the company, these gaskets can be reused 6 to 8 times before they need replacement.) You use a traditional metal ring (not included) to secure the Harvest Guard lid to the jar.

Harvest guard lids with the seals on them.

How to Use Harvest Guard Canning Lids

Both Harvest Guard lids and traditional canning lids do exactly the same thing: They seal your food into the jar. However, there are some unique steps to using Harvest Guard lids that make them different from regular canning lids.

To begin, according to the instructions, you need to simmer the rubber gaskets in hot water immediately before you use them, to soften the rubber compound.

When screwing the lid on the jar, the process is much the same as a traditional canning lid, except you do NOT tighten the ring as much as you might with a regular lid system.

This is the biggest difference: Once the jars have finished processing, you need to screw the rings on tightly, while the jars are still hot. This involves using oven mitts or a towel to protect your hands and grappling with hot, wet jars straight from the canner.

I found that a silicone oven mitt worked incredibly well (anti-slip AND heat-protective). But it’s definitely different than I’m used to, since you’re not supposed to touch regular canning lids at this step.

Another difference is that Harvest Guard lids won’t make that pop as they seal. I kind of missed that part. 🙂

Purchase Harvest Guard lids online at Amazon.

Sealed Harvest Guard lids on pint jars of carrots.

Pros & Cons of Harvest Guard Lids

So far, I’m pretty pleased with my Harvest Guard reusable canning lids. Out of the batch of 9 pints (my first batch I’ve done so far), only one of them lost the seal. However, I have a feeling that one jar fail could have been the same jar that slipped from my grip and tipped over while I was removing it from the canner.

The seal itself took some getting used to. At first, it just didn’t seem as secure to me as the normal lids. I really didn’t have any reason to think they weren’t secure; all of the other jars sealed fine and passed the lid lifting test.

At the time of this writing, the seals remain secure. It was just different than what I’m used to. (The instructions do suggest checking jar seals occasionally while they’re in storage, but I suppose that’s really no different than regular canning jar lids.)

I can say it took some work to get that lid off when I opened a jar, so I’m more convinced of their strength now.

That being said, there are some definite pros!

First, the company provided a handy laminated instruction card in my package, listing step-by-step instructions for using Harvest Guard lids. It was easy to follow and provided all of the information I needed in the kitchen.

Second, they’re made in the USA. (Sharon’s note…. they are in Fruita, Colorado, a little town that no one ever heard of. I actually grew up there!)

And lastly, the biggest pro is that they’re reusable!

How many times can you reuse Harvest Guard Lids.

The manufacturer says the rubber gaskets will last for approximately 6 to 8 uses total. I assume this probably depends on whether you are pressure canning or water bath canning.

But considering how difficult traditional metal lids are to come by these days, it is certainly worth it. And when the old gaskets bite the dust, you can purchase replacement gaskets. (The lids last much longer, I assume.)

These lids come in a variety of packages sizes.

  • Bulk Packages of 50,100, or 200.
  • Regular and wide mouth and combination packs.
  • Replacement gaskets.

You can find the listings and descriptions here at Amazon.

Looking down at the white Harvest Guard lid with the logo embossed into it.

To learn more about Harvest Guard lids, visit their website at CanningLids.com

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Harvest Guard Reusable Canning Lids Review

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Kathy Flint
Kathy Flint
1 year ago

Do not buy Harvest Guard lids in bulk without trying them first. After following all their instructions I got about 60% failure rate and emailed the company. With every emailed suggestion, I followed the directions very carefully and could not get better than 50%, which I only got once. Unfortunately I had ordered in bulk after watching all the wonderful YouTube videos raving about the reusable lids. By the time my canning season came around I had passed their return/refund deadline. Buyer Beware! 

Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson
1 year ago
Reply to  Kathy Flint

Gosh, Kathy I’m sorry you had a bad experience.

2 years ago

We have very hard water. I’ve used mine for canning tomato sauce, which is what I can the most of for our family of 6. One of the suggestions on the laminated card suggested adding vinegar to the water when simmering the gaskets. I tried one batch without the vinegar and had several jars not seal. When I used the vinegar, they all sealed except for one where I didn’t leave enough headspace and it bubbled up into the sealing area.I haven’t had any of the seals fail in the past year and I am very happy with them.

Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson
2 years ago
Reply to  Melody

Interesting. I can’t imagine the vinegar would affect the seal. Vinegar is usually suggested to avoid the hard water stains on jars and the canner.

1 year ago
Reply to  Melody

Melody, did they seal and then unseal after a few days or even close to a month? Which brand were you using?

Sandra K Bird
Sandra K Bird
3 years ago

I’ve got both Harvest Guard’s and Tattlers. I find I have perfect seals by not changing the temperature/ pressure quickly, and by watching my headspace more diligently. You will notice the center of the seal is pulled in. Another plus is you won’t have a false seal on these like the tins. They will be loose, and won’t form a 2nd seal. I now prefer using them over the tins. I do believe the quality has deteriorated in the manufacturing process over the years. Could be why they only guarantee 18 months. They don’t have the same amount of compound… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Sandra K Bird

Sandra, which do you like better? Have you ever had either brand of lid unseal after a few days of completely sealing?