4th Burner Pot?? What is that?

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I was offered a 4th burner pot to review.

4th burner pot?? What is that?

I did a quick search and found that this narrow pot is called that because it is a small diameter and will fit on that fourth burner when the entire stove is full and a big pot just won’t squeeze in there. (We’ve all been there with our canners, right?)

Or maybe it is because this pot is supposed to be so handy for you you’ll never want to put it away and will just store it on your “4th burner”.

4th burner pot sitting on the stovetop.

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The 4th Burner Pot

A 4th burner pot fully visible.

Sounds interesting,

it is stainless steel (I love SS)

and made by Kuhn Rikon–that’s a quality name.

I figured it might be good. I’d better not pass it up!

So…I said, “Sure, I’ll give it a try.” I’m glad I said I’d check it out. I’m loving it.

It is a tea kettle / pot / strainer/ measuring container all wrapped up into one stainless steel quality pot. The lid is glass, so you can see what is going on inside. There are measuring lines built right into the sides of the interior. A stainless steel basket is included for steaming or blanching and…pretty red silicone handles to boot!

Lifting the lid from the 4th burner pot.
Measuring marks shown inside the 4th burner pot.

4th Burner Pot: Perfect for Dehydrating

I do a lot of dehydrating, and I was tickled to find that this is the perfect tool for that.

When I am slicing fruit, I use a lemon water mixture to pretreat the fruit. Measure out 6 cups of water using the measuring lines right in the pot. Then add 1.5 cups lemon juice.

I like to use my vintage tomato slicer to slice evenly. I simply lay the slicer across the top of the 4th burner pot and the fruit drops right into the pretreatment solution below. I then can use the included basket to drain the fruit before I place them on the trays. It works really slick.

Lemon juice mixture shown inside the pot with the basket inside of it.
Measure out water and lemon juice to pretreat your fruit.
Slicing fresh peaches into the 4th burner pot.
Slice fruit right into the pot.
Slicing a banana into the lemon juice mixture in the 4th burner pot.
Slicing bananas for dehydrating.
Pulling a basket of sliced peaches out of the 4th burner pot.

4th Burner Pot: Basket with sliced peaches for dehydrating.
Drain the fruit, and then spread out on trays.

4th Burner Pot: Perfect for Small Batches

The pot is great for small batches of food. Blanch veggies for dinner or small batch canning. Steam veggies or use this for steamed eggs. Steaming eggs is the best way to get hard cooked eggs when you have fresh-from-the-henhouse eggs.

Or just use this to measure out a specific amount of water to boil for your recipes.

Fillmore Container sent this to me to review. I’m sure they were hoping I’d like it. Thanks, Fillmore! You were right, I do like it. I highly recommend this as a handy tool for any home canner. Here is a link to Fillmore Container and the 4th burner pot.

Christina says I use mine for making syrups when raw pack canning fruits and making brine for dill pickles. Very convenient with the spout. I've also water bathed single jars when my canner has been full.
Bunny says my canning buddy gave me one a few years ago.....How did I ever manage without it???? I use it for many things and LOVE it!!! And I think of Robin each time I use it!
Ryan says I am such a dummy! I don't can often because I felt like I had to have a huge enough crop worth getting all the canning stuff out. Um, duh. I don't have to use my huge pot. I had so many handfuls of veggies go to waste. I can do one here and there with this pot.

Using the 4th Burner Pot as a Water Bath

I’ve been asked about using this pot as a water bath. It would work perfectly if you have a single pint jar. You can see that the pint fits right in the pot and can be covered by water.

A quart jar would be difficult though. It sits up high enough that I don’t think you could keep it sufficiently covered when the water is boiling.

So you can use this pot for pints or half pints. When you have only one jar to process, this works perfect. Save on water and energy usage.

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4th Burner Pot

Page last updated: 11/5/2021

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11 months ago

I bought a very similar one at a thrift shop and when I tried to find what it was used for it came up that it was an “aspargus cooker”.

2 years ago

I have a question about this. I see that you mention it can be used for small batch water-bath canning. Have you actually used it this way yet? I have the world’s tiniest stove, and my biggest eye is barely 7″ in diameter. But I desperately want to start canning, and short of renting out an AirBnB, I’m not sure what else to do. Do you think this will work, or do you have any other suggestions? I also have an InstaPot Duo, but I’ve been told that I can’t use that for canning, either.