The Ultimate Canning Jar Storage Box

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Looking for the ultimate canning jar storage box? Tired of broken jars and storage problems? The Jarbox is a great option and will keep your jars safe, clean, and organized.

Jars of fruit stored securely in the individual jar sized holes of the Jarbox.

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Jarbox for Mason Jars

All of these are great reasons to check out the Jarbox:

  • Searching for a sturdy canning jar storage box?
  • Struggling and tired of broken, dirty jars?
  • Tired of having to oh, so carefully carry your soft, torn, just-about-to-fall-apart boxes of jars.
  • Do you travel a lot yet love to eat healthy on the road and would like to be able to bring your home canned foods with you?
  • Do your cardboard boxes or trays get soft and sloppy?

Canning Jar Storage Box

The Jarbox is a canning jar storage box. I like to call it a canning jar tote.

Taking off the lid of a Jarbox filled with canned peaches.

It is made with separate compartments for each jar…the jars never touch. This is what makes it ideal to store jars with no breakage. You can literally pick up the box full of jars and shake it. The jars do not touch and will not break.

I really dislike how canning jars are sold these days. They are in trays with no lids and covered in plastic. At least when jars were sold in boxes, you could use the boxes to store your jars. However, even with cardboard boxes, they wear out.

You may store filled boxes in a basement or other dirty areas. Inevitably, the box becomes dirty or filled with spiders and tears. And if your box happens to get wet? Forget it. It is not going to last.

The Jarbox is the first canning jar storage solution that I’ve seen that is a good long-term solution.

The lids and bottoms are identical. This means no trying to be sure you keep the ‘sets’ together. The lids and bottoms nest for compact storage when not in use. This also helps to keep shipping costs to you at a minimum.

Sharon touching the top of the Jarbox.

When filled, the sets will “snap” together. They don’t slide off each other easily. This makes stacking them safer.

There are holes on the sides where you can tie them together if you want to bungee them to a wall, for instance, when driving down the road or on the back of a 4 wheeler.

The boxes are made to be just a bit taller than your jars. This way the box itself is carrying all the weight of anything stacked on top. The jar inside does not have to bear any weight.,

Pictures of the Jarbox and Creative Uses!

There’s more than one way to use this canning jar storage box.

Strap it onto the back of your four-wheeler. Now that will put the box to the test!

KE says I have fought boxes for 40 years and jars breaking. Thank goodness for these new containers which I will be able to hand down for generations. Hurray! PS. Moving would be so much easier!

Use in the garden. Great way to carry several potted plants. I used mine when I started some seedlings. Leave the lid on but not snapped down. Protects the plants and keeps in the moisture. Those solo cups make great disposable starter cups.

Flowerpots filled with plants in the Jarbox.

Price? Are They Worth the Cost?

Whenever I share about these boxes, there are many canners out there who reply they are expensive! Why wouldn’t you just use the cardboard box that jars come in or store jars on the shelf?

When you are canning hundreds of jars, it is an investment. No doubt about it. For some, the investment is worth it and they just stock up when they go on sale. The Jarbox works well in their storage situation and they get bunches of them.

For some, a few is all that is needed. I personally have a few, but I don’t store all my jars in them. I love them for carrying jars when I need to go somewhere with them; for camping, for vacation trips, or business trips with my jars.

Check out the Jarbox at Amazon. (note: there are some crazy prices that sellers are trying to get. But there are also some that are reasonable. Look for some that are reasonable! don’t spend 90.00!)

Update: The company has reorganized and is now under new management. Their current website link is

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The Jarbox

Page last updated: 10/5/2021

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4 months ago

I saw these in Walmart. Expensive. I went back to check them out again. Most were cracked or broken. I figured if they broke in the store, they’d break with use. I see people making wooden crates or using milk crates.

Billie Jo
Billie Jo
7 months ago

I can’t order from the website at all from the jarbox website. Is there any place we can actually order these from then?

2 years ago

Insanely expensive

2 years ago

I purchased from the jarbox site and never received my ordered. I have email at least 10 times and I receive no response. I have previously bought from a town in my home state. Now I am getting no response but was charged over 160.00 and no response. Very disappointed and am going to be contacting the BBB. I have tried to reach out even called and left a message but no response.

1 year ago
Reply to  Heidi

I could not remember if I every place an order at Jarbox a couple months ago. I tried going to the website it is labeled “This connection is not private. This website may be impersonating “” to steal your personal or financial information. You should close this page.” So now I am really hoping that I just forgot to place the order.

2 years ago

YES, prices have gone up drastically on these. In the past I have picked these up for as little as $8.99 for Pints and $9.99 for Quarts. But, check ALL Big Box stores in your area and even places, other than Amazon, on the Internet for pricing. ALSO most of my best buys on these items came in late Fall when the stores wanted to get rid of excess inventory. They do their work though. I was carting these on a dolly, five high, from my house to my storage shed and the top item slipped off when I ran… Read more »

2 years ago

No need to pay Amazon prices. Google…Roots & Harvest. They sell the pint storage container for $16.99 and the quart for $19.99. If I were to order one of each
I would pay $8.95 for shipping to NC. Shipping may be more or less depending on your location and chosen method.
A 10% discount is available. You can also try googling LEM, which appears to be the same company as Roots & Harvest.

Bruce A Cook
Bruce A Cook
2 years ago

JarBOX is returning this year

Rachel Abernathy
Rachel Abernathy
2 years ago
Reply to  Bruce A Cook

Hi, Bruce,

Thanks for commenting. Do you happen to have any other details? Do you know who owns the company now – is that you?

-Rachel (Sharon’s assistant)

Becky Clarke
Becky Clarke
2 years ago

What happened to Jar Box? They aren’t available at Uline, where I last purchased them. They are on sale on Amazon for $90/container! Thanks, but no…
I have seen a different brand for sale online, but they don’t look compatible, as in stackable with Jar Box. This is truly a great loss.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sharon Peterson
2 years ago

Have you checked out the price of these on Amazon????? It is highway robbery!!!!. I would NEVER pay that price for this piece of plastic. Yes, I own some of these and love them. But the asking price is absolutely ABSURD!

2 years ago
Reply to  SUZANNE

Go to MUCH lower price