Pickle Recipes

pickle recipes

Pickle recipes are for just about anything!

Of course there are the usual dill pickles.

How about pickled carrots?

Pickled Peppers? Hot or mild?

Have you ever had dilly beans? MMMmm

Pickled green tomatoes, preserve the unripened fruits that would end up frozen in the fall.

Chop some of those veggies and combine to make sweet pickle relish.

Do you have chickens? If so I'll bet you get a glut of eggs every spring! Try a pickled eggs recipe! And check out my egg boiling issues here. :0)

Here is a great pickling tip from one of SimplyCanning's readers

I hate mushy dill pickles!  I'm finally getting the crunch. 

Mushy dill pickles? I admit I'm pickle challenged. This low temperature process made a huge difference.

Use this dill pickle recipe and the low pasteurization method, mine are now crispy!  Yay!

Pickling not just for Cucumbers

When you think of canning pickles you probably think immediately of a cucumber. However, pickling is not just for cucumbers.

Pickling is simply the preserving of food (many different foods) in an acid, often vinegar. The acidic environment prevents bacterial growth and thus makes the food safe to eat.

Spices and or sweeteners are added for flavor. When canning pickles you will process in a water bath canner.

Pickle Recipes

Dilly Beans

Pickled Carrots

Pickled Beets 

Pickled Green Tomatoes

Pickled Peppers 

Pickled Peppers Rings 

Sweet Pickle Relish

Bread and Butter Pickles 

Homemade Ketchup (or is it catsup?)

Pickling Spice Recipe

Simple Pickled Eggs Recipe 

corn relish

Corn Relish Recipe A sweet pickled corn relish recipe made with bits of cabbage and red and green peppers.

Types of Pickles

Brined or Fermented Pickles

Fermenting is a form of pickling. The food to be pickled is soaked in a salty brine to ferment or cure. This is the most time consuming method. Brining time can vary from a couple of days to several weeks.

Fresh Pack Pickles

Also known as quick process. These pickles are packed in a vinegar solution. They can be brined from a few hours to overnight. The are then processed and allowed to set for up to several weeks to allow flavors to develop.


Relishes are a combination of vegetables or fruits that are chopped and packed in a vinegar solution. Sweeteners or spices are added to for flavor. Relishes can be sweet, or add some hot peppers for a spicy touch.

Fruit Pickles

Fruits are brined in a sweet and sour syrup. Usually with vinegar and sugar.


Sauces include Ketchup, Chili sauce or Barbecue Sauce and more.

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