Freezing Food

Occasionally freezing food, is preferable to canning or dehydrating. Freezing Food is another great way to preserve it. 

  • Strawberries are great in jam or jelly but they are more appetizing frozen rather than canned. 
  • My husband and sons love frozen cherries right out of the freezer on a hot summer day. So I can some and freeze some. 
  • If you end up with more than you'll be able to can in a reasonable time, freezing is a great way to take care of that excess quickly. Remember the sooner you process your foods the better the quality will be. 


Freezing Herbs 

Three best methods for freezing herbs.  Though all herbs can be frozen or dried, some herbs freeze better than dehydrateFor herbs like basil, chives, lemon balm, mint or tarragon, freezing is an option that works well. 


Sometimes freezing vegetables is preferable to canning or dehydrating.  Some veggies are more appetizing frozen. Thinking peas here, anyone else not like canned peas? eww mushy! But I love frozen peas.  I like canning corn too but many people prefer corn frozen rather than canned.

Freezing Vegetables 

Green Beans
Corn (both on the cob and off)




Freezing fruits is usually just a matter of cleaning slicing and freezing.  But some fruits can use some extra treatment to keep them fresh and tasty.  



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