How to Freeze Peas

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Learn how to freeze peas. The pictures on this page are snow bird peas, which are eaten with the pods. The same procedures applies for other types of peas. You will simply harvest them and remove the peas from the pod.

What containers you choose to pack in is personal choice. I used quart size freezer bags. (Freezer boxes work best for things that are frozen wet in a syrup.)

Snow peas packed into freezer bags and labeled with the contents and date.

How to Freeze Peas

First, harvest your peas early in the morning when they are at their freshest.

Depending on the type of peas, you will either remove the peas from the pod or snap the stem and blossoms off the pods of snow peas.

Freshly picked pea pods in a basket.

Blanching Peas for Freezing

Peas need to be blanched before freezing. This helps retain the color and nutrition.

Bring enough water to cover your peas to a boil. I use my blancher, but a large pot will work as well. When the water is boiling, throw in the peas.

Peas blanching in hot water.

Start timing right away for 2 minutes. As soon as time is up, remove peas to a bowl of very cold or ice water. This stops the cooking.

Next, drain the peas and dry. I have a salad spinner that I sometimes use to spin the water off.

Or you can just drain in a colander, then spread out on paper towels or a tea towel and blot dry.

Blanched peas drying off in a towel.

You can gently roll up the peas in your towel to dry them, but don’t squeeze your veggies.

Packaging Peas for Freezing

Now package the peas in serving-size quantities. Using freezer bags seems easiest to me.

I flatten out the baggie and squeeze out as much air as possible without squishing the peas.

Rolling whole blanched peas in a towel to dry them off.

Seal, label, and freeze!

Baggies frozen in this way stack nicely in the freezer. Very convenient. Be sure and place your packages in the freezer in a single layer at first. After the peas have frozen completely, you may stack the bags for convenience. This ensures that the packages will freeze quickly and completely.

Freezer bags packed with blanched peas and labeled with the contents and date.

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How to Freeze Peas

Learn how to freeze peas – whole or shelled. Step-by-step instructions here!
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Snow peas packed into freezer bags and labeled with the contents and date.
Prep Time:30 minutes
Total Time:30 minutes



  • Peas in the pod or shelled
  • Water
  • Ice


  • Harvest peas early in the morning.
  • Remove peas from pods or snap off stems/blossoms.
  • Bring water to boil.
  • Put peas into boiling water for 2 minutes.
  • Remove peas to a bowl of ice water.
  • Drain peas.
  • Package peas in serving-sized quantities.
  • Remove air, seal, and label.
  • Freeze.

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How to Freeze Peas from the Garden

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Susan Layman
Susan Layman
3 years ago

Can’t wait to try the frozen peas. Looks easy! Thank you Sharon!