Are Bosch Mixers Worth the Money? 

Bosch Mixers: Are They Worth the Money? We Say YES! Here’s Why.Video Link below.

I've been considering Bosch mixers for bread baking because they can knead many loaves at a time.  But since they are admittedly pricey, I didn't do it.  Now is the time!  

I've only had this for a short time... I sure wish I'd have taken the plunge when I first thought about it.... when I was cooking for 6!  My family is now shrinking as my boys grow up but I still love this machine.  I don't do 6 loaves at a time like the Bosch can do, but I do 4!  

Video Review of Bosch Mixers

Bosch Mixers: Are They Worth the Money? We Say YES! Here’s Why.

This Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has not disappointed me! 

I purchased a bundle set. It has the mixer, the blender dough hook, beaters, and cookie paddles.  

Next on my list of things to get is the food processor with the shredding and grating blades.  I'll review them when the time comes.  

One of the things I like best is that this is one machine that does multiple jobs.  It can take the place of several kitchen appliances.  You don't need separate machines for all many mixing chopping jobs you do.

The Bosch Food Shredder Review  

THIS!   Oh yes this is the part that makes the Bosch such a good tool for the home preserver.   That mixer is great for cooking and baking.  But the attachment is what comes in handy for prepping food for canning or dehydrating... or freezing... or freeze drying.  Makes chopping or slicing super fast and easy.  Yes you can do it by hand, but what a time saver to have the attachments here.  

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