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How to Preserve Your Green Bean Harvest

Green beans can be grown in your own garden, local farmers market or roadside stand, Farms or Orchards where you can pick for yourself,  or CSA  Community Supported Agriculture. I personally recommend finding them local if you can't grow them in your own back yard.

The Harvest

Picking first thing in the morning will give you nice crispy produce. If you are picking in your own garden..... go ahead and snack on a few! ..... yum. And Oh so good for you.  You want to pick while the pods are young and seeds inside are still immature.  Look for beans about the diameter of a pencil.  If you wait longer they get tough.

Save the Seeds

 If you use heirloom beans let those beans that get overgrown because you missed them while picking stay on the vine until fall.  When they start to dry out at the end of the season pick them off the vine and allow to dry completely.  Save the pods until next spring and you have your seeds for next years garden. 

Canning Green Beans

Green beans can be either hot packed or cold packed however they are always pressure canned.  

Full Canning instructions here.  

Can I use a Waterbath?

No you should NOT use a waterbath to process your green beans.  

Read more about why you should NOT use a waterbath canner.


You want to start with fresh tender pods and blanch the beans first. Place in a single layer on a dehydrator tray and be sure the beans are spread enough that air flows freely around them.

Complete dehydrating instructions here. 


Just like dehydrating you'll want to blanch before freezing.  Pack into freezer bags, freezer boxes or other freezer container.

Complete Freezing Instruction Here


These are a hit with my pickle lovers. These dilly beans are made with sprigs of dill weed....

How to make Dilly Beans here...

Using Home Preserved Green Beans

Green Beans with Bacon is not a canning recipe for processing green beans. Instead, it’s a scrumptious way to serve your home-canned green beans.’ Some people call them “country-style beans,”

Green Beans and Bacon Recipe

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