Strawberry Recipes

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Strawberry Recipes – preserving them at home makes the goodness last.

Of course some of it is so yummy that even preserved….. they don’t last long.

Canning Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

Strawberry Lemonade. Canning this in a concentrate gives you a quick easy and tasty summer treat. 
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5 jars of homemade strawberry lemonade concentrate sitting on a small cutting board on the picnic table.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

This strawberry rhubarb jam recipe is made with equal parts of Strawberry and Rhubarb. My favorite combination!
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Three small jars of strawberry rhubarb jam that is a bright red color.

Strawberry Jam

This is a very simple recipe for strawberry jam without commercial pectin!
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Three small jars of red strawberry jam.

How to Freeze Strawberries

Learn How to Freeze Strawberries to preserve their sweet and juicy flavor. Use later in smoothies, baked goods, over pancakes or ice cream.
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