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A Steam Juicer

Steam Juicers make juicing quick, easy, & they retain more nutrition!

I received a new steam juicer! Looking forward to juicing all kinds of fruits. 

Don't confuse this with a steam pressure canner.  They are two very different tools for the home canner.  This does not process your jars of food.  It does however steam foods and produces a beautiful juice! 

The pots are a beautiful and shiny stainless steel. Love stainless much better than aluminum.  The large juice collector holds 4 quarts of juice. 

You are cautioned in several places to be sure and not boil the water reservoir dry because you will warp the bottom pot.  But the water reservoir also holds a good 4 quarts of water so I can’t see that happening unless you really get careless and forget about it cooking.

The one and only thing that could be improved is to move the spout for draining the juice section lower in the pot. I did have to tip it to get the last of the juice out, but it was not difficult. I just took the top steamer section with the fruit off to reduce any weight. I was able to tip the pot with one hand while holding the jar with the other. So overall that is a pretty minor thing.

More than just juice

Steam juicer manual.

I’m also realizing the steam juicer does so much more than just juice. The obvious products I want to make are grape juice, apple juice, and cherry juice. In the booklet that comes with the juicer they have crabapple juice! Brilliant. I’ll be trying that come fall.

It also has recipes for various juice combinations and jam and jelly recipes. I especially liked the recipe for jam made with the peach pulp after you’ve juiced them for peach nectar.

I had not thought of this as a vegetable steamer but it sure would work great. Steam a lot at a time for a large dinner or for preserving. The booklet even has directions on steaming meats. Honestly the idea of steamed chicken doesn’t sound appealing but it might work in a pinch. Fish and seafood however would be good!

An idea from my inbox:

Sharon, just wanted to let you know that I purchased the Norpro Stainless Steamer, Juicer on your advice. I had the idea that it might extract Sugar Cane Juice so thought I might try it and if it didn't work for that then I could use it for fruit. I just raise back yard Sugar Cane so can't afford one of the presses. It works GREAT. I have my first syrup now and it was easy

Steam Juicer Videos

How the Juicer works

Steaming Cherries

How the steam juicer works

Fruit in steam juicer.
Heating up the steam juicer.
Steam juicer diagram.

There are several parts to the juicer.

A base pot which holds your reservoir of water to boil and steam. A center pot that collects the juice from the top section which is a steamer basket.  Then of course the lid.  And finally a rubber tube and clamp.

The center juice collecting pot (I made that name up, I’m sure it has a better name) has a funnel sort of shaped hole that allows the steam from the water reservoir to travel up to the fruit in the top steamer basket.

The rubber tube allows you to drain off the juice as it collects.  The clamp closes the tube so you can actually fill a jar, clamp it off and move to the next jar. All and all it really seemed to work well.

If you watch the videos below it is much easier to show than explain. I've got a review of how it works, and I show you how to steam cherries for cherry juice.  (Just drank some cherry juice with my supper tonight, yum!)

I’d recommend getting a steam juicer especially for those who have grapes. Mmmmmm I can’t wait to have the chance to make fresh grape juice!

Get a Norpro juicer at Amazon here.  

Comments from happy users. 

I asked on Simply Canning Facebook what users of this juicer thought of it and what they use it for.  Lots and lots of responses!  Here are just a few. 

Lorraine- this is one of the best investments I ever made, I use it to make cider too and every juice I can imagine and tomato.

Agnes- I use mine a lot! I have one in stainless steel (aluminium is no good for you). I use it for making juice from all kinds if berries and fruit. Try apples and aronia! Hardly needs any sugar at all. I freeze the juice in containers. Mix with water, or drink as it is; depends on how concentrated you made it.

Julie- I bought one of these last year after learning about it from a friend. I use it to extract juice from Salmonberries, huckleberries, blueberries and cranberries. it works fantastic! Takes about an hour and the juice is clear not cloudy. Great invention.

Gwen- It is wonderful to use to steam blanch before you put food on a dehydrator. Love mine to make huge meals...picture loads of steamed broccoli.

Elaine- I love it mine. I use it for steaming all kinds of fruits and veggies. It's the best for steam blanching before canning. Also it can be used to distill water in the event of a boil order.

Kayla- I love ours. we steam the juice out of fruit and make wine out of the juice. Or we mix a little water to the juice and drink it.

Melissa- I've only used mine for apple juice but hope to use it for other things this year. Also when done juicing the apples put the cooked apples through the food mill for apple sauce! It's great to get both!

Brenda- I love mine for apple juice! So easy!! Chop apples, put in juicer seeds and all. Use leftover pulp for apple butter or sauce.

Evelyn- Same here ladies but I love the juice...cherry juice and prune so yummy warm out of the juicer.

Questions from my inbox.  


Hi!  I have moved to a home with a gas stove and I'm worried about the hose on my  steam juicer getting too hot.  Is there a trick to it?  I noticed you had a gas stove in the picture is the reason I'm asking.

Thanks!  Betty

Sharon's reply

Hi Betty,  That is a great question and one that I had as well the first time I used mine.  :) 

I have found that the hose does seem to get warm... but not too hot.  I always make sure I don't have the pot offset so the hose is over the burner.  As long as I have the pot centered the hose has done fine with mine. 

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