Canning on Induction Top Stove Tops

by Angela
(Mountlake Terrace, WA)

Hi there,
I was wondering if you or anyone out there has ever canned using the water bath method on an induction cooktop?

It's supposed to help in getting the water to a boil quickly but is there any issue with length of time being shorter?

Answer: (or not)

Hi Angela,

That is a great question that I have no answer for. I did a search and could find nothing on canning on an induction cook top.

Hopefully someone else has information to share. Sorry I am not of more help on this one.

I'll do some more research and see if I can find anything. In the mean time.... if anyone else has information. Please feel free to leave a comment!

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Canning on Induction stove tops
by: Cheryl Y

I've done my canning on my glass top induction stove. It works okay for me. I was originally told that it was not safe for two reasons:

#1, the stovetop is made to adjust to the heat, therefore turning on and off as necessary. Because of that, there was concern that it wouldn't keep the water hot enough to can.

#2 If the canner is larger than the induction burner, then you run the risk of burning out the burner and damaging your stove.

I purchased a pressure canner that had a smaller area on the bottom that fit the burner and it has reached pressure very well for me and my stove has not suffered.

My water bath canner is an old fashioned one and I took the risk and used it--it worked fine and didn't damage my stove--but it was still a risk.

What type of canner to use on induction?
by: Anonymous

Since it needs to be magnetic, aluminum won't work, correct? Therefore cannot use All American Pressure cookers. What brand did you use?

I pressure can and water bath can on my glass top stove
by: Jennifer

I do both pressure canning and water bath canning on my stove. I called the manufacturer of my stove and asked them what I could do. Their advice was:

1. Don't use the old fashioned "granite ware" water bath canner. It's enamel and can melt on to the stove top. Not good!

2. Pick a pot with a flat bottom, not ridged. It will keep the temperature constant and the stove won't turn off and on.

3. Don't go too big. Pick a pot that has a diameter of one inch or less bigger than the burner you will use it on.

I found a Presto pressure canner that works great on my stove. I also found a stock pot that I use for the water bath and I cut the rack that came in my granite ware canner to fit inside the stock pot. Make sure to use something to keep the jars off the bottom. . . a towel, a rack, something.

I have a Frigidaire stove if that helps any!

Glass top stove canning
by: Gmabird

I had to return the canner, Granite ware water bath, I had bought because I just got a new glass top stove from GE and they say not to use it on the glass top as it can melt onto the top, plus is really way too large to heat properly on the burners.

I have ordered the stainless steel one made by Ball, from Kmart online, that has a flat bottom and is not as fat around as the old school ones. happy canning everyone. tis the season...

induction canning
by: Anonymous

I have an induction cooktop and used a SS stock pot for a water bath on some green tomato pickles and it did great. The pot bottom was the same size as the cooking eye. Hope this helps some one. I'm looking for a pressure canner now.

Induction should work well.
by: Brian Richards

First, you do have to have some iron content in your cookware. If a magnet sticks to the cookware, then the cookware will work.

Induction does not cycle on and off like conventional radiant electric cooktops. It emits a steady power to maintain a selected temperature. Many brands have settings so gentle you can melt chocolate without a double boiler.

Also, unlike a radiant electric cooktop, the induction surface doesn't heat up the way a radiant electric cooktop does. That's because the cookware is delivering heat with induction, not the cooking surface. The cookware can transfer heat to the cooking surface, so it can get very warm, but not really hot like a glass cooktop with radiant heating.

Another thing to remember is that water doesn't get any hotter than 212ºF. Remember science class? So the cookware won't get much hotter. I can't see why enameled steel can't work with induction, but I can see why it would not work with radiant electric.

by: Anonymous

I have given up on inside canning and will do my canning outside this year on a camp stove with pesto canners. Save on air and can can more in less time. Hope this gives you another option. J.P.

Induction top canning
by: hawkonraven

This is my second season of jam making with an induction cook top. My only problem is this year, the jam got too thick.

Also, yes water boils at 212F. Jam will get much hotter. Check it with a candy thermometer.

one risky option
by: Anonymous

Fagor Duo 10 qt is the only pressure canner I could find that will work on induction. I'm afraid of it after all the reviews on Amazon of the 8 qt Duo exploding and the handle breaking.

There are some other SS caners. Two are from Netlon, 12 L and 10 L, but I don't know if they work with induction and good luck finding replacement gaskets years from now from such an obscure company. Presto sells many SS pressure *cookers* but only one source claims that these are the only models that work on induction and I don't think any are canners: 0134106, 0136208, 0137001, 0137003, 0136705 and 0136707

Don't Can Outdoors
by: Anonymous

In response to "Outside Canning" by J.P.

RE: Canning outside on camp stove

I considered doing that too and thought long and hard about it. Then I bought my Presto Pressure canner says in the manual do not use on bunsen burner, camp stoves or those burners used for deep frying outdoors. The wind, even the slightest breeze pulls the heat away from the canner and the temperature and pressure inside won't stay consistent. I threw the idea out the window immediately. Your canning won't be safe.

Water bath canning might be okay, but still do you really want to risk large temperature fluxes in your boiling water temperature? M.K.

Sharon comments:
Anonymous does have a good point about canning outside. Be sure you are in a sheltered area. Your canner's guide book will most likely tell you not to can outside so do be aware and make a good decision for yourself.

Personally I do can outside... sort of. I am in a carport which is well sheltered. I use a Volcano Grill with a propane attachment.. It has large base and very secure to hold the canner. I've used it for both pressure and waterbath canning.

Important!! Be sure whatever you use is VERY stable. It is a large pot of boiling water... it will severely burn anyone it may spill on!

Induction pressure canning
by: Karen

I found a Kuhn rikon 12 qt. Pressure cooker/ canner that works on induction stove tops, but you have a pressure gauge, not a dial that shows temps like most canning pressure cookers.


Karen be sure your canner will hold at least 4 quart jars... that is the size needed for safe pressure canning.

Water bath canning
by: Karen

I am checking into this now, but supposedly the Ball Elite stainless steel works on any doesn't list induction cooktops specifically, so I am trying to find out if it is magnetic on the bottom.

Thank you
by: Betty Sue

I am considering swithcing to an induction cooktop when I remodel my 35yr old kitchen. I am an avid canner and the information you provided
has been most helpful. Do any of you have a hybrid and if so do you wish you had gone total induction?

Betty Sue, I don't know if you are on my Facebook page, but there are a lot of ladies there. If you ask this question there you might get a response from someone who has the type of stove you are looking at.

Betty Sue
by: Irene

I traded in my 42 yr old coil GE and got a 5 burner Bosch cooktop It cooks so fast and the food comes out delicious I too will be canning this summer and I will find a large stock pot and place the jar holder inside --hopefully

Induction Stove & Pressure cannning
by: Anonymous

I have just purchased an induction cook top. It has been a nightmare trying to find a pressure cooker I can use on it. But I knew this would be the case.

There are no pressure canners that have adequate gauges to can at the required pressure for various altitudes. Most are 10 and 15 there is no in between.

I am going to can in using a large camp stove that is also made to can on. Any input? I am using a stock pot to water bath in.

I use the Volcano stove to do my outdoor canning on. It works great. Here is my review for using the stove as an outside heat source for canning. Volcano stove review

As long as your camp stove will bring the canner up to pressure and maintain a steady heat it should work. Be sure you are in a protected area away from any strong winds.

As far as the weights, it is standard that weights come in 5/10/15 pounds. What you will want to do is use the weight just up from your required pressure. for instance if your requirement is 12 pounds use the 15 pound weight. This way your foods will not be under-processed.


Canning on Induction Stove Top
by: ELSherrod

Bought a pressure cooker without checking and of course it didn't work on the induction stove top. Used my conversion disk and the test run was perfect. No fluctuations in temp at all. Loaded it with 7 jars and tried to run it for real. For what ever reason, the eye kept turning off.

Switched to my large chili pot, still using my conversion disk, and did a boiling water bath. Perfect. Boiled just fine - evenly for 45 minutes and all jars have sealed perfectly.

Sharon's response......

Interesting! Thanks for the first hand experience.

Canners for induction
by: Anonymous

Got a GE induction stovetop / range last year and love it. Have a years old Mirro Matic pressure canner that still works well. Couldn't find a canner that would work with induction when I bought the GE so kept the old stove and put it in the basement.

Takes some trips up and down the stairs right now because the food prep is mostly upstairs. I'm lobbying for a basement sink and good counter top so I can do it all in the basement.

portable electric burner
by: kks

Does anyone can on a single electric burner? I am getting an induction cooktop and I'm thinking that I may be able to can on a single portable electric burner in the garage.

That way I can use my pressure canners that I have and don't have to worry about damaging the new cooktop.

Unfortunately, some of the reviews of the burners seem like they are used for more of a warming plate which would not get warm enough.

Just another idea from Sharon.

I don't have an electric plate but I do use my volcano grill in my carport for outdoor canning.

Here's a link to my review. Volcano Grill for outdoor canning.

Hot Plate
by: Autumn

I just got an induction stove and love cooking with it. We downsized to a small condo that doesn't have gas and I was hating losing my gas stove but the induction stove works in a very similar way as gas. The only negative was that some of my cookware won't work on it, including my pressure canner.

I'm thinking, given the comments here, my best solution is a good large hot plate. Anybody see a problem with that solution?

Why not to use Graniteware on Induction
by: Anonymous

While your enameled "granite ware" canners are magnetic, my guess is manufacturers don't recommend using them for several reasons.

1) To prevent warping, most are stamped with a pattern on the bottom, this limits contact with the burner.

2) They are extremely thin and most induction cooktops have a safety feature that wont engage the element unless a metal threshold is met, this is to prevent jewelery on your finger, or a metal spatula on a side burner from engaging an element (not good in either case).

3) This one is me just theorizing, but I'd guess that the enamelware is thin enough, that if you could easily get experience localized melting of the bottom of your pot (especially if it doesn't sit well in the cooktop.

While you might be able to "get by" with using them on induction cook tops, no manufacturer is going to tell you its OK. Furthermore, with the potential downsides, I don't think its a very good idea to risk it.

Induction worthy Canners Still looking
by: Marge - canner for25 + years

The Ball Elite canner will not work on induction as it has an aluminum core - just like my high quality Cuisnart cookware. The ball granitware has an aluminum core - my old one at least does and it will not work. Always do the magnet test.

to Cheryl
by: Kathie

You said you purchased a pressure canner to use on your induction cooktop, however you did not say which canner you purchased. There does not seem to be many options. I recently put in an induction cooktop and need to find a canner that will work on it. So what one do you recommend?

Induction conversion disk on KitchenAid range
by: Mary

Has anyone tried pressure canning or cooking large batches of salsa in non magnetic cookware using the conversion disk?

I'd like to buy an induction range but don't want to give up using my canning cookware.

Fagor Duo
by: Anonymous

I got an induction cooktop within the last year and I was real concerned about canning on it. I had a very large Mirro canner which would not work on the induction top, nor would I want to try it on a regular glass cooktop.

I purchased the Fagor Duo 10 qt. cooker/canner. It has worked great so far. I can fit 5-6 narrow mouth pint jars in there. I have not canned with quart jars yet, so not sure if it will fit 3 or 4 narrow mouth jars. Think 3 wide mouths would fit, easily.
I have had no problems with quality. I am using the 8 lb. pressure where I used to use the 5 lb. The Mirro had 5-10-15 lb. pressure options. The Fagor is 8 or 15 lb. pressure.

A canning nightmare
by: Anonymous

Was told I could can on my new Induction stove,I have a fridgidare professional,love love the stove,forget canning on it,I got all potatoes in jars and the stove kept shutting off canner would not work.hauled out a 2 burner tabletop worked ok but took me about 3 hrs to get a 45 min job done,I am buying a stove for the garage. I am sooo done canning like that.

No go on using Kuhn Rikon for canning
by: Anonymous

I just bought the Vollrath 59500p Mirage cooker just to add a separate burner on the island when canning. 100 temp selections and I love it.

Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers do work on an induction cooker but they are not suitable for canning. There is no vent function to initially vent the cooker like a canner. You put the lid on and it builds pressure based on the heat applied.

I have 3 All American canners that I knew wouldn't work on the induction, and there's no way I would replace them, so I use a gas stove or gas burners on the patio for the canners.

Fagor has the only cooker I have found that is rated for canning. It definitely is ventable. Their canning times are very different from the usual times published by the FDA. Pull up their manual on line... It's rather interesting. I'm sure the time differences are because of the much smaller size and volume compared to a large canner.

The only irritation I have is that my stainless Back to Basics steam juicer won't work on the induction cooker.

Induction cooking
by: Anonymous

Many of you clearly don't know what Induction cooking is, and if you don't, you probably should refrain from commenting, it just confuses people.

Induction is NOT just a glass cooktop, most of those are radiant heat, just like a coil electric cooktop. Induction uses magnetic waves to heat the cookware its self, not the stove surface. Induction cookware must be magnetic or it will not work.

Check out Williams Senoma for a good bath canner or Fagor for a good pressure canner. There are plenty of others that will work with Induction, despite the comments. Just do a Google or Amazon search for Induction Canning.

Canning on Cook Top Safely
by: Ida

I have an induction cook top and the only canning I have done on it is water bath. I purchased a stainless steel stew pot the size of my largest burner. I love that the water boils faster and I get about 6 pint jars in the "pot". I did have to improvise a rack for the bottom to keep the jars off the bottom of the pot.

I do need to remind you that in ALL canning you have to still process for the recommended time that your product needs to be safely processed. I follow the Ball canning book.

I have not done any pressure canning as I have not found a pressure canner to use on the cook top.
It's great the water comes to a boil faster but the processing time is the same.

Total failure canning tomatoes - Help!
by: Anonymous

After reading thru all the posts, I felt confident that I wouldn't have any issues on my new induction cooktop ( which I love!)
I was using coldpack method in a hot water bath. I used new Ball 2-pc lids on pint jars. I used a pan that could hold 4 pints, with a rack in the bottom.
My concern is that these lids do stick to magnets (not zinc). Is that a problem with induction canning? My other thought is that maybe I loosened the ring too much so the cover was unable to seal...I haven't canned in a few years and could use some guidance, but my biggest concern is about the magnetic rings. Any ideas?
...As far as my glass cooktop, I had no issues with it shorting out and very easy to clean. I have a drawer under neath my cootop and it stayed amazingly cool, unlike when I had my electric cooktop.
Any thoughts are appreciated!

Canning on induction
by: Donna G.

I have had my Electrolux induction stove for 3 years now and LOVE IT! I bought the Fagor Futuro pressure cooker about the same time, as my previous pressure cooker no longer worked. I also love the Fagor Futuro pressure cookers. I bought the 4 & 6 qt. combination. These particular ones are made in Spain.(Another plus). So, when I got into canning I naturally looked to Fagor again and wasn't disappointed. Their 10 qt. Fagor Futuro will hold 4 quart jars! While that is not a lot when you're mass producing canned food, for the smaller home canner it is perfect. I may look into other options if I really get crazy with canning. It is addicting!
Donna G.

Presto 16 quart pressure canner/ cooker
by: Anonymous

Been using this on my glass cooktop with out problems. Pressure can 4 quarts at a time ( holds seven) at 10 pounds (240 degrees). Has an eight inch flat disk at bottom of pressure canner so larger portion of canner doesn't make contact with stove surface. No problem getting to or maintaining heat. Can also be used as boiling water bath but only for pints since entire jar must be submerged

water bath canning
by: Ida

No Anglea it does not shorten the actual time that is required to safely water bath process your product. The actual time it takes for the water to boil is much shorter but you have to use the same recommended processing time for your altitude. I use a stainless steel soup pot that I found to fit the burner size and improvised a rack for the bottom. Hope this helps.

Still looking
by: Anonymous

I am still looking for a pressure canner that works well on induction. Glass cooktops ARE NOT the same as induction and pressure cookers are NOT the same as pressure canners so please stop telling us that you have a pressure cookers that work or that your canner works fine on your glasstop stove!

If you know of a canner that works well on induction, please list the brand and model. Thank you!

Interface Disk lets any pot work with induction
by: Randal Oulton

This is not exactly what anonymous is after -- a canner that will work on induction -- but, it's a cheat :} an interface disk that will let *any* pot run on induction, I just learnt that such a thing existed today.

This is the amazon link to it, I have no idea if links work in here:

It's called "Max Burton 6010 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk with Heat-Proof Handle"

My Best Cookware Reviews
by: Jaki

Induction is extremely easy to clean because the cook top does not get hot except where the pan sits. There is a learning curve and the base of your pans must be ferrous. Just take a magnet. If it sticks to the base, it works on induction. You can buy a very inexpensive induction hotplate first to see if you like it. It is also MUCH MORE energy efficient.

Induction Disc
by: 3isplenty

You can buy an induction disc that is induction ready, but allows your non-induction cookware to be used on an induction stove. It negates any energy savings you get from induction, but does work. is one. I use an outside burner with my presto for now. We're looking at getting an induction disc and an all-american for this summer, but haven't done it yet.

Canning on induction - the solution
by: Janson

All versions of the Fagor Futura Cooker/Canner are induction compatible (and also work with every other stovetop) and are able to get up to 15 psi for canning. SOME versions of the Fagor Duo Cooker/Canner are also induction compatible (they are clearly labeled) and also get up to 15 psi. Remember, since induction is so efficient (and powerful), when pressure cooking or canning you should only use medium settings and below. For example, on my Bosch induction stove top, I start at 7.5 to build heat and rapidly reduce to 3 when I have finished venting air out of my pressure cooker and canner. This is less of a concern on the small single burner induction appliances since they have much less power than most hard-wired stove tops.

Looking for Induction-Compatible Canner
by: Susan

I have a Kenmore Elite Induction range that I LOVE! However, I just started canning last year and now all my canning equipment is obsolete. From reading the posts, I'm thinking the best/safest solution for now is can outside with a Volcano.

I can find an area that is fairly shielded, but it will be awkward finding/creating a work space. Do you fill your jars inside and take them outside to put into the canner? I've always filled them, sealed them and added one-by-one into the canner, as the book instructs.

And yes, the comments from people that don't know the difference between radiant heat cooktops and induction heat cooktops make this thread very confusing.

Fagor website
by: KarenR

According to the Fagor website, the Splendid, Duo, and Elite pressure cookers, quote: "Works on all domestic cooking surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic & induction." And the "10qt unit can be used for pressure cooking & pressure canning. It is recommended to be used with the Fagor Home Canning Kit." That should clear top whether or not Fagor can be used on induction stove tops! (It looks like all Fagor pressure cookers can be used on induction cooktops, but only the Spendid, Duo, and Elite 10qt can be used for pressure canning.)

Converter Disks
by: magoo

I've seen several comments referencing converter disks so I google searched what that was and apparently its a small ferrous disks that acts as a heat source between the induction top and the cookware itself. I'm surprised this hasn't been more of a focal point on here. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience using the water bath or pressure canner on an induction cooktop using one of these converter disks? Seems to me like it should work. In the process of remodeling now and would love some feedback as not being able to can in my kitchen is a major deal breaker for the induction v. standard glass top.

Canning with induction cooktop
by: Ljo

Finding the perfect pot for water bath canning was not easy. I go to the store with magnet in hand whenever searching for cookware. Yesterday I went to my fav kitchen go to store & found the perfect find. It is a canning rack insert that turns any stockpot into a canner. Cost was less than $8 made by Norpro but I see on Amazon Ball has one as well. It's only for small batches but hey, I can work with that as long as I don't have to spend an enormous amount on new cookware. I'm not getting any compensation from the company, just passing along information.

Induction cooktop canner
by: Zozo

I have been looking for a good induction canner for months and i finaly found one that works really good. I got it from
Amazon.Ca. It is a Victorio STAINLESS STAINLESS MULTI-
USE CANNER Item No: VKP1130 it comes complete with rack
and cover and Temperture Indicator and holds 7 QT, great canner also has steam canning,works like a charm.

Induction Converter Discs
by: Anonymous

The discs will reduce the efficiency of your stove and also possibly damage it since they get so hot. Probably best to get a new induction compatible canner/ pressure canner or a small gas stove it would seem. Link here

Disks for induction stove tops
by: Anonymous

I have two different sizes of those discs that operate on induction and enable the use of regular pans. My ONLY issue with both is the incredible amount of heat these things throw off! They're not light either! It's the only thing that's stopped me canning with them. They're VERY hard to regulate the heat, even in normal cooking. I gave in, gave all my favorite pans away and bought an electric canner which arrived today! The discs are collecting dust. But now I'm tempted to buy the Fagor 10qt so I can double up the amount of canning. Doing,4 qts at a time is going to be a royal pain in the proverbial.
I would be very careful using the discs on your beautiful induction stove tops (I waited 5 years for mine) as I think people need to be aware of the incredible heat toast continues for a LONG time after you've finished using it. And be careful when removing from your induction stove top. Very heavy. Don't drop it!!

Induction disks for pressure canners
by: Debi

I tried using an induction disk with an aluminum canner on an induction stove. It eventually worked, but took more than 2 hours to bring the unit up to pressure. I won't do that again. Still looking for a 16 qt canner. Presto's 23 qt is far too large to lift.

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