Canning Vegetables

how to can vegetables

Canning Vegetables is easy once you have learned to use a pressure canner.

Really... vegetables must be pressure canned there is no way around it.

See Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page. 

Canning Vegetables

canning tomatoes


I put this here because most people think of tomatoes as being a veggie. Technically, it is a fruit. There are so many different products made out of tomatoes, so I've linked to a separate page on canning tomatoes and tomato based recipes.

canning green beans

Green Beans 

My husband's favorite vegetable
This is a staple in our house. We are planting double the crop this year because we ran out early. Canning green beans is an easy way to get started if you are just learning how to use a pressure canner.

canning beets


I enjoy canning beets. 
Really I do. Beets are one of MY favorite vegetables. I remember when I was a kid thinking that beets tasted like dirt. What was I thinking?

canning corn


A real treat.
Especially if you are canning corn right out of the garden or fresh sweet corn from the farmers market. It is not the easiest thing to preserve but oh so worth it!

canning peppers


Hot or mild
Do you use spicy chilies or mild peppers as an ingredient in many meals? Start canning them in pints or 1/2 pints and have a ready supply on hand.

canning carrots


Have carrots ready to add to a stew or soup, is a great idea. Or just heat, add some butter and sprinkle on a bit of cinnamon.


Potatoes are handy for having ready for soups or stews. Or simply boil for 10 minutes and add sour cream and chives.


Canning pumpkin first in the pressure canner makes it safe to store and quick to use later in pumpkin butter, pies, muffins, or other pumpkin recipes. Puree it after you can it chunky.

Do you have your own garden?

If so I'm sure you will agree that a vegetable garden is a lot of work. But growing vegetables for your own family is amazingly satisfying at the same time. 

I enjoy getting out in mine. I love planting the seeds or plants from the nursery. I like tending to them, watering them, watching them grow and produce. My kids eat raw veggies right out of the garden.

I don't particularly enjoy dealing with garden pests. And come to think of it watering is a problem in the dry climate we live in. 

washing vegetables

The work is well worth it. Especially when harvest comes! That is when all the work pays off. Actually the work pays off on the dinner table doesn't it? 

My sons all help but son #3 enjoys it the most. Here he is washing some of the bounty he brought in from our garden.

Don't have the room or inclination to grow your own garden? 

No problem. Home canning is still possible with community supported agriculture.

Canning Vegetables FAQ

Below are links to pages where I have answered various questions regarding canning vegetables. 

I also have this canning questions page where I have answered questions regarding other canning topics. Please check both of these if you have questions or are unsure of something. 

If you can't find you answer in either place please ask at Canning Questions.

First, I feel the need to add this disclaimer. I have made my best effort to share up-to-date and safe techniques. However, I make no promise regarding accuracy, applicability or completeness of the contents of this Web site. You alone are responsible for the results of your efforts. I urge you if there is any doubt to the safety of your food, simply throw it away. 

Canning Vegetables Questions and Answers

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