Dehydrating Corn

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We had so much sweet corn this year I decided to make my own dried sweet corn out of some of it. I found that just like most vegetables …dehydrating corn is easy…especially since we were on a roll and already had had corn prepped for freezing, canning, pickling, and sweets.

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How to Dehydrate Corn: Extended, Step-By-Step Directions

First thing to do is blanch your corn for 3-5 minutes. We used our volcano grill out in the car port for this step.

Blanching corn over the Volcano Grill.

Then you will need to cut the corn off the cob. An easy way to do this is to hold the cob on end and slice down each side cutting the corn kernels off. Don’t cut too deep or you’ll get tough bits of cob.

Slicing corn off the cobs onto a cookie sheet.

Spread it out on a dehydrator tray. Make a single layer, breaking up any large pieces where the kernels stuck together.

Spreading kernels on a dehydrator tray.

Dry at 120 degrees until crispy. The moisture level needs to be very very low. Mostly crunchy is not good enough. It should be hard dry. This can take anywhere from 12 up to 14 hours.

The last step is to remove your corn from the trays and store in an airtight container…of course, I use canning jars.

Removing dried corn from the trays.

Yep, I’m thinking I’ll be dehydrating corn…at least some of it each year.

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Dehydrating Corn

Dehydrating corn is super easy! And I was pleased with my results: dried sweet corn.
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Jars filled with dehydrated corn.
Prep Time:45 minutes
Dehydrating Time:14 hours
Total Time:14 hours 45 minutes


  • Sweet Corn
  • Water


  • Blanch corn for 3-5 minutes.
  • Cut corn off of the cob.
  • Spread kernels in a single layer on a dehydrator tray, breaking up any large pieces.
  • Dry at 120 degrees F until crispy (12-14 hours).
  • Store in an airtight container.



Dehydrating Corn Tips & FAQs

Stripping Corn Off the Cob

So my husband and I have an ingenious way to strip corn off the cob. There are multiple was to do it… this turned out to be our favorite. Quick and easy if you’ve got lots of corn! We posted this video 10 years ago! (as of 2022) It is one of our most popular videos. Check it out Cutting the Corn Off the Cob on our channel. Subscribe while you are there. 😁

How Long Does Dehydrated Corn Last?

Corn can be saved for about 5 or 6 years. This will depend a lot on how it is stored. What are the conditions, is the package air tight? Keeping as much air out of your package is important and don’t store your corn where it is hot or in direct sunlight.

Can You Dehydrate Corn Too Much?

No, I don’t think you can dehydrate corn too much. The dryer the better. It needs to be crispy not chewy. You could possibly over cook the corn as you dry it. Keep the dehydrator on the correct temperature and have patience. You don’t want to cook the corn, you just want to dry it.

How Do You Cook/Use Dried Sweet Corn?

Dehydrated corn can be rehydrated and just eaten as is. Add some butter and salt and serve.

To rehydrate your corn you can simply soak it in hot water for 30 minutes to an hour. If you think of it ahead of time you can also just add cold water and soak the corn in the refrigerator overnight. The hot water will rehydrate faster than cold.

My favorite way to rehydrate corn is to add it to soups and allow it to rehydrate right in the recipe. I do this with carrots as well. Or rehydrate it and use in a casserole or on a salad.

Can You Eat Dried Corn?

So this question I’m assuming means can you eat it in the dried state. Not rehydrating and using it. And…. I suppose you could suck on it and it would probably taste fine. But careful you don’t try to crunch it up. It is not really meant to eat dried.

If you want to snack and you’ve never had freeze dried sweet corn, you might want to try that. WE LOVE freeze dried sweet corn as a snack. It is a light crunchy texture. Like chips… sort of. But dehydrated foods will have a hard un-chewable texture.

What Does Dehydrated Corn Taste Like?

The texture of the rehydrated corn will not be QUITE like fresh. But it is really really close. It will still have that golden color, the nutrients are retained and the flavor is the same. You know how fresh corn will pop in your mouth? a bit of crunch. Rehydrated will be just a bit chewier. Not bad… just different.

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Dehydrating Corn

Page last updated: 6/9/2021

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2 years ago

5 stars
This is fantastic! Thanks for posting 🙂 So when drying out do you put it in an oven? Or it this the old UK – US temperature difference, where here it’s at best 75 fahrenheit on summer days.

Rachel Abernathy
Rachel Abernathy
2 years ago
Reply to  Lyd

Hi there,

Thanks for your question! The corn is dried in a dehydrator (, at the temp setting of 120 degree F. For you, I think that would be about 48 degrees C. 🙂

-Rachel (Sharon’s assistant)

Kathy Howard
Kathy Howard
3 years ago

I want to try drying corn! I had some in a salad kit that my daughter bought and I loved it. I dried, summer squash, zucchini, string beans and tomatoes this last year. I like the squash and zucchini plain for a snack, but sadly it is all gone now. It is so easy to add a handful or two of dried string beans to soups and stews. With freezer space limited it was nice to store the beans in the cupboard in about 1/4 the space these would have taken in the freezer!