The Volcano Stove / Grill

Volcano Stove Grills: Great for Outdoor Canning!

The volcano stove or grill is one option for outdoor canning, emergency cooking or an easy portable camp stove.

For outdoor canning I've tried a couple of burners.  Two of them stood out as something that works.  I had two concerns when I started looking for an outdoor burner to do my canning.

  • I needed to be sure that the stove would be stable enough for my heavy canners. If a canner full of boiling water ever fell over, someone could get seriously hurt. Stability is high on the importance list.

  • I also needed to be able to control the flame of the burner well enough to turn it very low in order to keep a pressure canner at pressure. I've tried some burners and the flames would go out on me... that was not going to work!

The Volcano Grill meets both of these requirements and more.

  • Use it to do your processing outside.
  • Use it with a dutch oven.
  • Use it to grill burgers.
  • Take it camping.

This one item covers many purposes.

I am often asked about canning on a flat topped stove. Is it safe? Will it hurt my stove? My answer is always check with your stove manufacturer... and find a way to do your canning on an alternate heat source.

Volcano Stove Grill.

I started using this stove this summer in my carport. I have an area already set up with my dehydrator.  I easily cleared off an area for the grill.

When I am working outside.  Much of the prep work is done in the house. Then I bring my filled jars out to the canner outside. 

It is wonderful to keeping heat out of my kitchen. I love to can... now I can enjoy it without feeling hot, sticky, and grouchy. 

No more setting up fans or turning on the swamp cooler all day long just to keep my kitchen cool.

Pressure canner on stove grill.used with my pressure canner
Waterbath canner on stove grill.used with my waterbath canner

Please note: It has been pointed out to me that some pressure canner manufacturers do not recommend using their canner on a propane burner.  I checked my owners manuals and indeed my Presto has a warning against using a burner higher than 12,000 BTU's.  

I've been using another propane burner with no issues so I'm comfortable using this and simply not turning heat up to high... you of course have to make your own decision.  I could find no such warning in my All American Canner owners manual. Read your owners manual to determine if there are any warnings. 

Here is a fact sheet regarding canning on outdoor burners from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.  

My husband did a minor adjustment on the propane valve from my husband (he is so handy to have around).

I've been asked several times about how to do this.  All he had to do is slightly tighten up the screw on the valve. I was very easy (I could have done it) no special tools or anything just a screwdriver. In fact you might not even have to do it. Each valve will probably vary a bit in how tight it is. 

Now I can control the flame and bring it down veeeerrrry low... and it doesn't go out. Love that. The grill has worked well with both my waterbath canner and pressure canners. 

I've used it to boil water in my large stock pot for blanching corn.

The canners sit on top of the grill grates. Other pots will fit right down inside. Just remove the grill and set the pot or dutch oven down inside the stove.

Don't forget the attachment.  

You'll need a propane attachment.

You'll need to have the propane attachment in order to do your canning so don't forget to purchase that as well. The propane adaptor is a separate item.  Look for a bundle that includes the propane attachment.  If you look at the image you can see a tube sticking out the side of the grill.  That is the propane attachment.  It leads to a propane bottle.    

However for grilling or other cooking needs you can also use this stove with briquettes or even wood. A good emergency cooking method. The volcano stove also works well with a dutch oven.  

Another outdoor canning option. 

Camp Chef Stove is another option.

If you are wanting something with more burners, the Camp Chef stove is another outdoor burner that works well.  

The volcano is more portable than the Camp Chef, but the Camp Chef has 3 burners for more possibilities.  Camp Chef Review here.... 

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