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I used to enjoy a bit of hustle and bustle during the holiday season. But any more, that hustle and bustle has turned into a chaotic environment! It’s push and hurry, and stressful.

But I’ve discovered that I really like online shopping for Christmas buying. Shopping online I can do from my own home at my convenience and it is so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Simply Canning Christmas Gift Guide

Simply Canning Products

Canning Classes – Ideal for Beginners!

Introducing Simply Canning School: Your go-to support for beginner and intermediate canners! Gift the chance to learn home canning with our beginner-friendly video classes. With our expert guidance anyone can master the craft of canning.

Bundle image of home canning classes.
Put an End to the Fear and Confusion. Canning Instruction designed for the beginner.

Our lessons, akin to learning from a close friend, cover fruits, vegetables, pickles, jams, and meats. Each class includes engaging videos and useful downloads.

Explore Simply Canning School Now!

Simply Canning Guide – Spiral Bound Canning Book

Meet the Simply Canning Guide, a spiral-bound canning book guiding you through essential safety tips for both pressure and water bath canning. Filled with instructions, safety tips and recipes, it’s not just a book but a practical confidence building gift. Its spiral-bound design ensures easy use, making it the perfect companion for any canning enthusiast.

Spiral bound Simply Canning cookbooks on a wooden background.
Canning apricots pages inside the Simply Canning Guide book.

Discover More About the Guide Here!

Unique Gifts for Canning and Gardening Fans!

Canning is My Favorite Season shirt with jeans and sneakers.

Delight your loved ones with our Etsy store treasures, featuring a fun assortment of Canning and Gardening themed merchandise. Canning swag galore!

From stylish t-shirts to quirky mugs (including the must-have Crazy Canning Lady mug) and delightful canning jar labels, we offer a wide variety. Our Canning designs are just the beginning we’ve added new designs catering to canners, gardeners, and homesteaders.

Explore Our Etsy Shop Now – Where Canning Gifts Come to Life!

Canning Supplies

Your loved one might be wishing to get started… a canner is a necessity. These are my favorites and recommendations for a few other great tools.

Shiny stainless steel water bath canner on the stove.

The Multi-Use Water Bath Canner/Steam Canner is great for beginners who want to start with fruits, pickles, and jams.

This practical canner can be found on Amazon here.

The large All American canner sitting on Sharon's stovetop.

The All American Canner offers unmatched quality and durability – a perfect gift despite the price tag.

You can order the All American Canner on Amazon here.

Presto pressure canner sitting on a gas range.

For beginners or those feeling intimidated, the Presto Pressure Canner is a reliable choice that lasts for generations. It’s my go-to canner.

You can order a Presto Pressure Canner on Amazon here.

A 4th burner pot fully visible.

This pot in invaluable for dehydrating. Perfect for dipping apples into lemon juice to prevent browning, and blanching small amounts of vegetables. 4th burner pot

Various canning tools sitting on a wooden cutting board in the kitchen.

Canning Starter Kits are a great way to gift everything your loved one needs for home canning, including some specialty tools that may come in handy. Browse Canning Kits on Amazon.

jam jelly maker

 If you have any doubts about your ability to successfully make Jam or Jelly, this Jam and Jelly maker is the confidence needed. Jam and Jelly Maker.

My full reviews

I’ve got full reviews of all the canning items here. If you need help deciding, read up for more information.

Fun Stuff I’ve Used and Love

Ecojarz lid on top of a canning jar filled with water.

Discover the leak-proof magic of Ecojarz lids! I’ve been using mine for 5 years without any leaks. Perfect gift for Mason jar lovers. Ecojarz can be found here.

Mason Jar fermentation kit including Pickle Pipes.

The Mason tops Complete Fermentation Kit Includes everything you need to get started. Featuring the fantastic Pickle Pipe this kit makes fermenting a breeze. Say hello to easy fermenting.

Meg's kitchen cutting board with utensils on it.

“Discover the durability of this Personalized Cutting Board. One of these was given to me 2 years ago and I’ve used it daily in my tiny kitchen. Grab yours now – the perfect gift for any home chef!”

Companies I Use and Trust

Fillmore Container

Fillmore Container Quality Preserving Supplies

Fillmore Container has some of the best preserving tools.

Filmore has been a supporter of Simply Canning for several years, and I love to get the word out about their products.

Check out Fillmore Container here.

Seeds for Generations

Seeds for Generations.

If you’ve got a gardener on your list, what is better than seeds for the garden next spring? I know I love planning and thinking about my garden while the snow is still flying. In fact, many things are planted in January or February inside to be ready to go in the garden come spring planting time. Pick up some seed starting supplies and tuck in a few packets of heirloom seeds from Seeds for Generations, a family business in Virginia.

Gift certificates are available here too.

More Gift Ideas on Amazon!

Simply Canning Amazon store with various home and garden products on it.

I’ve recently collected lots of resources on my Simply Canning Amazon storefront, where you can find recommendations and ideas all in one place!

Check it out on Amazon.

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