Canning with Splenda

by Jessica

Canning with Splenda: I know when cooking/baking you can substitute sugar with Splenda. Can that safely be done with canning? My extended family is diabetic and I would like to can some sugar free food for them.

Hi Jessica, I do know you can use splenda for a sugar substitute in canning but have not done so myself. I found the splenda website with information.

To make a sugar syrup for fruits. Combine and heat to dissolve.

  • 4 cups water

  • 1 cup SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated

Since sugar is actually optional in canning I'd try the syrup combination suggested... and then adjust it to your taste. Use this for any fruits that you want to can.

This page has several recipes for canning jam with splenda.

I found one jelly recipe with splenda. Pomegranate Jelly.

If anyone else has had good success and has tips for canning with splenda please post here too.


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Splenda jams and jellies
by: Cherie

My brother is diabetic. He loves picking berries and eating the "fruits" of his labor. In return for the fruit I make him jellies and jams.

I have made plum jelly, crab apple jelly, freezer strawberry jam, grape jelly and marmalade using Splenda.

I use Bernardin No Sugar Needed Pectin. I have had excellent results. Because there is no sugar you have to process the jars for 10 minutes.

The difference with Splenda and sugar is the colour of the jelly. Sugar jellies have that crystal jewel like look and the Splenda jellies are cloudy. That could be because my juice is cloudy. I use a steamer juicer so the juice I extract has a cloudy appearance until sugar is added.

Canning with Splenda
by: marshallc

Yes you can use Splenda in making applesauce for canning. Just put it in,no syrup necessary, stir really well and taste test as you go until you get the desired taste. Enjoy

no-sugar canning
by: Linda Myers

I can significant amts of foods substituting Splenda for sugar and am always happy with the results. The fact that you can substitute Splenda cup-for-cup with the recipe's sugar amt is a great boon.

This is a great help for our family because of diabetes and weight loss programs. Even those of our family who have no restrictions are happy with the taste of the food. Linda Myers

I can with Splenda....
by: Anonymous

The only issue I've learned is that now I can my jams in half pints instead of full pints. Since there is no real sugar used, the jam won't sit in the fridge as long without molding and it's just the 2 of us at home now so we had some that had been in the fridge a few months that went bad... FYI...

Canning with Honey
by: Arun Trikha

I think we should try with honey.

Honey is good for diabetic people.It has many health benefits.

Moreover,the jewel like consistency is maintained,no cloudy appearance,I have tried it.

Sharon's thoughts....
Arun, I did not know that diabetics could use honey! I assumed that it too would not be healthy for them.

Here is a page with substitution suggestions. Canning with Honey

canning apple pie filling with truvia
by: Anonymous

i am interested in canning some apples for a pie filling using truvia as the sugar substitute. do u have a receipe for this? thanks m

canning apple pie filling with truvia
by: Anonymous

I am interested in canning some apples for a pie filling using Truvia as the sugar substitute. do you have a recipe for this? thanks m

Splenda? Really?
by: Anonymous

Why use one of the most genetically modified foods available? Our bodies have no idea of what to do with this type of sweetner and it is toxic to the liver. Why spoil home canned products by using such a product.

Anynymous... I completely agree that splenda can not possibly be the best thing. Thus I've never used it and I don't suggest it to others. (I'd recommend Stevia as a sugar alternative)

However, I do know that diabetics can use Splenda and they like a little sweetness now and again too. :0) Moderation in all things.

jam or jelly
by: Anonymous

Using splenda, how long can your canned jam or jelly stay in the pantry without going bad, or will it?

Can you....
by: Anonymous

I love to do alot of canning. I'm trying to find out when you make jams, jellies, or butters with substitues for sugar, do you have to use the pink sure jell or can you use the regular sure jell?

pickles relish chutney now peaches
by: grandma

I have just started back at canning after many years.

My husband and I are diabetic and he loves relish and pickles so I figured why not make my own.
I simply use splenda about half the amount of sugar called for in the recipe.

All the different things have turned out great and I now have about 100 jars of jams and pickles sitting on the shelves in the basement.

Today I am doing a case of peaches so hopefully they will turn out as well.

I see the message says 4 cups of water to 1 cup of splenda but since the peaches are so sweet I think I will half the splenda.

I use splenda for everything and had to buy a bag of sugar after 6 years of not having any in the house to make a few jars to give to friends who say they can tell the difference.

Funny thing is when they got the jar I goofed and gave them one with splenda. They didn't know the difference and said it was wonderful.

Jams with Splenda
by: Jean

Forget buying sugar free jams in the grocery stores! Even the better brands don't compare to home canned jams.

I have been diagnosed as "prediabetic" and have seen the results of what diabetes does to the body, so watching sugar intake is very important.

The most popular brands of sugar-free jams in supermarkets don't provide the taste that homemade jams do.

So, I started making my own sugar free jams: blackberry, blueberry, peach, apricot, strawberry and pear. (I've also had stents implanted for clogged arteries, so for the past five years I've cut back on fat intake too.)

In July of 2012 from one 5-year old peach tree, we harvested over 200 pounds of peaches from which I canned 108 pints of sugar free peach jam. I also canned 12 quarts of sugar free blackberry jam, and 11 quarts of sugar free blueberry jam from berries purchased from Costco.

There are a variety of excellent sources for fresh summer fruits for making jams: local weekend markets, your favorite grocery store, local orchards, etc.

When making your jam, either go online or to your grocer and buy the “No Sugar Needed Recipes SURE-JELL, 1.75oz.” In place of the "sugar", use an equal amount of Splenda or more if you like it sweeter. Follow the recipes inside the Sure-Jell Box.

My favorite breakfast meal is Non-Fat Greek Yogurt topped with home canned peach jam.

by: Charlene Shaw

Has anyone used splenda to pickle greeen tomato chow chow?

by: Jo Ann

Three years ago I canned some fruit with splenda and some with regular sugar using a light syrup .

Don't use splenda. The fruit started going dark after a few months and has lost it's flavor. The others are still in perfect condition.

How about Xylitol
by: John F

How about using Xylitol (from birch trees)? It comes in a granulated form that is cup for cup same as sugar.

The FDA says Splenda is safe to consume
by: Mike

Splenda is made from sugar and contains 95% dextrose (D-glucose) and maltodextrin and three select hydrogen-oxygen molecules are replaced with three chlorine atoms.

So, if you've ever consumed any municipal tap water or swam in a pool, you've introduced chlorine into your body. The body DOES metabolize everything in the product except the sucralose which passes out of the body.

As was said, though, "everything in moderation". That would include sugar, too.

Splenda isn't really a healthier choice
by: Anonymous

Splenda, aspartame and other artificial sweetners are not actually healthier than sugar. They are actually considered to be poison in parts of the world. If you are looking for a sugar substitute, try stavia. Stavia is also often mixed with inulin (yes that is spelled right, not insulin) which is a sugar that breaks down slowly and which can teach diabetics' bodies how to make insulin again...thus helping the diabetes.

Cranberry Sauce with Splenda
by: Paula

I canned cranberry sauce with splenda last fall and it is great; I have also made strawberry jam and apple butter. Now I am ready to try relish and pickled beets. I sure would love some suggestions.

Pamonas Pectin
by: Barb

Great for makin low sugar/no sugar jams and can also substitute Splenda for sugar, however, beware of the foam when you boil!

Splenda vs Stevia
by: Cathy G

My hubsand is diabetic and was told NOT to uae Splenda because it is a sugar derivitive. It has the same physical effect on him as sugar.
Has anyone used Stevia for fruit canning, jams/jellies?
I am just getting started in this.

Thanks Mike
by: Anonymous

Splenda is perfectly safe. I get so tired of the scare stories. Look it up for yourself from a reputable site. If it was NOT safe, it would not be on the market, the FDA would ban it. My husband and I have ate it for years as he is a diabetic and has to watch what he eats, his specialist recommended Splenda.

Truvia, Xylitol, Honey, Splenda, Sugar & Carbs
by: Anonymous

Truvia, Xylitol are NOT good for diabetics. Neither is honey. This stuff is all REALLY BAD for diabetics.
As previously mentioned, Splenda is OK--perfectly safe for diabetics. Have never heard of Splenda being "bad for your liver" and I've talked to many physicians and dietitians about it.

If you are diabetic, DO NOT pay attention to this rubbish about Truvia and Xylitol being OK for diabetics and avoid eating stuff with a lot of sugar and carbohydrates.

Diabetes is a very ugly disease and if you keep eating a lot of food containing sugar, carbs, Truvia, Xylitol and honey, you will shorten your life and BAD THINGS will happen (amputations, blindness, organ failure).

Canning with Splenda
by: Winnie

I have being canning Pickled Beets and Pickled Beans with Splenda for several years and I have been having good results.

Using Stevia instead
by: Cathy G

I did apple butter and canned apples using Stevia instead. It measures cup for cup w/ sugar so it is a simple swap. Hubby said my apple butter was better than Cracker Barrel's. :)

to the splenda believer
by: Anonymous

I would be very leery of splenda. What is the source? it is GMO free?
Of course the FDA is going to say it's safe. They say a lot of "fake" foods are safe. Do your research and I mean research. you can not rely on 1 site, you need to read at least 30.

Truvia and Xylitol are indeed very safe. I have insulin resistance and I KNOW they do not affect my blood sugar. I LOVE truvia, so happy to finally be eating a sweetener that does not affect my blood sugar.

Research, research, research......
I, and thousands of others out there, don't trust the FDA any farther than we could throw them. They say drugs are safe too and look at their sides effects. Terrible side effects.

artificial sweetners
by: Anonymous

all this humbug about sweetners. Years ago my Dr. told me I was prediabetic and not to use sugar or drink a coke. Instead use sacchrin. now the sweetner of choice seems to be stevia or splenda. use what you think you need to use and forget all the terrible warnings. Everything we eat seems to have some unhealthy affect. so the motto should be "everything in moderation".

Splenda Pear Preserves with Vanilla Bean
by: jamie

I canned (water bath) 10 pints of pear preserves using Splenda last fall. I'm still enjoying the sweet fruits of my labor ... none of the fruit has turned dark in the jar as others have reported. I have 2 more jars left and my pear tree is loaded with new pears that will be ready for me to enjoy soon! Looking forward to another year I can enjoy my Splenda Pear Preserves recipe ... with Vanilla Bean! Try adding a vanilla bean or two to your preserves. I promise you will LOVE it!

Honey is NOT good for diabetics!
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to clarify in response to a post I just read. While Honey is better than sugar because it DOES have more health benefits, it affects blood sugar is the same way sugar does. My husband with type 1 diabetes is very STRICT about his diet and we don't use anything but splenda or stevia if our fruit is not super-ripe already. The peaces we have right now is so ripe we won't use anything this year.

On another note, I canned a lot of strawberry jam for holiday gifts using a ton of sugar, actually a few cups less than the recipe called for and it was SYRUPY sweet. Maybe this is because my tolerance for sweet is less than average but I think a good thing to remember is that to adjust your sweetener based on how ripe your fruit is :).

Happy Canning!

Can you trust the FDA?
by: Shona

80-90 percent of groceries sold are genetically modified. I just watched a documentary on the FDA where the reporter had gotten ahold of internal emails from the FDA's top scientists, who said certain (and there was alot) GMO foods where not safe for human consumption. The response from his boss was shut up and bury the test results. Three of the scientists quit and went public. So you can bury your head in the sand and believe what you will but I'll stick to the natural non-GMO foods, problem is there hard to find! Anyway back to the canning.

Think, think, think...
by: Anonymous

I was in a group of vegetarians trying tolearn to eat healthy for my heart. I am also diabetic. Their idea of "no sugar" made me laugh. Honey, pre-digested sugar. The bees have processed it to the point that you may as well inject sugar water! "Boil dates and use the water for sweetening." It is still sugar, run it over a board and let it dry and it will crystalize into sugar. The point is that diabetics do not have the capacity to handle sugar, it just keeps swimming around in their veins and organs causing damage. Instead of trying to find a way to have your cake and eat it too, you need to look at the effects uncontrolled sugar has on organs in the body. Then, thank your lucky stars your not diabetic, and realize none of need the amount of sugar consumed in the U.S.

What does splenda have to do with GMOs?
by: Robin

...and most of the fruits and vegetables you are talking about have nothing to do with GMO's either. There is no testing done to assure claims of non-gmo are true, so primarily - it is a way to charge people more money for food. Seems like the anti-gmo companies are just making a profit by scaring people and I am interested in canning.

It is very true that moderation is important. I know most people are really trying to lead healthy environmentally friendly lives. There is so much misinformation out there, but if you do your homework and use common sense, we can help each other to improve health and protect our world. I am new to gardening and canning and I appreciate this forum. It would be great to keep the focus on canning. PS I was so excited when I canned my first homegrown beets this month with my daughter - I just kept holding the jar up and looking at how beautiful it was! I have now canned pickles, frozen corn on the cob and green beans. I am waiting on a stainless steel pressure cooker as I have an induction stove - so glad to hear more about that too!!!



Splenda with Canning....
by: Anonymous Diabetic

Well i have never tried canning with Splenda, however years ago i made awesome freezer jam with Equal, yes i have heard stories about the heat break down and toxins, however i used an Equal cookbook at the time. ...Anyways back to the point on Splenda....Spenda is derived from sugar....with that said...this Diabetic cant use Splenda cause it has the same effect on her glucose levels as regular sugar.....just a little FYI that all diabetics cant use the same sugar substitutes....

Try being Diabetic and diagnosed with IBS
by: Lucy

If you have IBS, irritable bowel syndrome your doctor may have put you on a new diet that has had a lot of success - FODMAPs. It is extremely limiting and your doctor should also have an extended list that adds a few more safe food choices.

Having said that, just about everything you should eat as a diabetic is not allowed on the FODMAPs diet. Talk about frustrating! You must avoid sugar, especially sweeteners ending with "ols". Splenda is okay.

Honey and truvia, stevia definitely not allowed. The scientific names, not including honey end with "ols". I have not canned in years but am craving a really good pickle that is not overly sweet or overly salty. Love zucchini relish, and used to make it. Next year I will try making strawberry jam from my new strawberry bed. Just started doing my research, so have not yet made anything. Appreciate everyone's advice.

by: Anonymous

I have canned applesauce, peach preserves, jalapeno preserves, strawberry/jalapeno preserves, and bread and butter spicy pickles all using Splenda. Everything has turned out great and those I forget to tell it is Splenda do not taste the difference. For the applesauce I use the brown sugar blend of Splenda and it turns out great for a cinnamon spiced applesauce!

Honey 4 Disbetic
by: MsMarie

This is for the comment made canning w/honey, Arun Trikha and Sharon's thoughts....... Honey is better for diabetics than most of your "so-called artificial sweetener " . Honey doesn't effect the sugar in the blood like some people think it would. Look it up on the Internet .

The information is there for you to read. Honey is so beneficial to a diabetic diet. So much healthier. Don't take my word for it look it up. My daughter has been type 1 diabetic since she was 3, she is 31 now.

My husband is type 2 Diabetic for the past 8 years. So I have been cooking for them with honey with very good results. It does not raise blood sugar like regular sugar and better for them than sugar substitutes. So honey is safe for diabetics. God bless and have a blessed day😃

Sugar is Sugar is Sugar
by: Ruby

Honey is sugar
Starch converts to sugar (carrots, peas, potato, flour)
Alcohol converts to sugar
Fruit is/has sugar

Diabetics beware - just because honey is "natural" does not mean it is not sugar. Use Xylitol or Stevia or Splenda but use sparingly if possible.

Frozen juice concentrate
by: Patty

I do not like the taste (especially the after taste) of any artificial sweetener. I have a diabetic husband and after reading many labels on the cans at the store, I decided to try using frozen juice concentrate. I have not canned with any sugar of any kind since starting this.

I typically use one can of juice concentrate and add 4 cans of water. It is usually sweet enough for any fruit you are canning. I typically use apple, but a white grape or any other neutral flavored fruit juice would work. Everyone who has tasted my canned fruit have always liked them and in a diabetic or weight control diet, it only acts as a fruit.

Splenda and Sugar Leaf great for canning
by: Angie Bearden

I am diabetic and have used splenda for years in canning. Homemade relish, applesauce, 1/2 Splenda and 1/2 Sugar Leaf(has 1/3 the carbs of sugar and I get it at Whole Foods)in my corn relish. I just taste to make sure I have enough in whatever I am making.

Sugar is BAD. Splenda might be bad.
by: Ams

Sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar all breaks down to fructose and fructose is terrible for you. Yes, fruit has fructose but when you eat whole fruit and also get the fiber it is fine. When fructose is stripped away from the fiber like any of the above products or like it is in fruit juice, it is bad bad bad. Your body stores fructose as fatty acids in the liver which raises triglycerides and is automatically stored as fat.

Sugar is half fructose and half glucose. Glucose is fine because your body easily and quickly breaks it down for fuel. Fructose is also not recognized by the body's hormones that make you feel full. (Example-easy to overdo it consuming juice or soda but a person is unlikely to binge on 5 apples because you would feel full).

Fructose is also addictive. Give it up for awhile-go through withdrawal- and then you won't crave it anymore.

The verdict is still out on the artificial stuff like Splenda. I agree that i wouldn't trust the FDA, but I KNOW sugar is bad but Splenda MIGHT be bad.
I try to limit all sweeteners and I bake with dextrose (also known as glucose), stevia or barley malt syrup. Read books or Google David Gillespie who is an expert in this area.

I am a family practice PA with 10 yrs experience caring for diabetics and treating all of the obesity-related problems. And I am a recovering sugar addict myself.

PS. Honey is not healthy for diabetics. Totally untrue.

Canning with Splenda
by: Brenda

I have been using Splenda in my homemade tomato soup, spaghetti sauce & jams for years. I can these with out ever having a problem.

Thank you for this post
by: Rob

I choose to use Splenda. I am a Diabetic.

For that reason, I am SO THANKFUL that you have chosen to cover canning with Splenda.

Everyone who is against Splenda needs to realise that that is their choice. My choice is to choose Splenda, and for that reason, i is lovely to see someone in the canning community sharing the information I need to be able to can my own produce my preferred way.

Another reason why I love this blog.

Zucchini Relish
by: Anonymous

I canned Zucchini Relish using Splenda. It turned out great.

by: Jaycee

Having measured both my husband's (4 times a day) and Mom's (3 X a day) blood sugar levels for many years, I can say, from my humble observations, that white pasta, pizza, soda crackers, potatoes, bread, sugared drinks and pastries, cakes, cookies cause more havoc to the diabetic than any meats, fruits, or vegetables ever can. All should be avoided by substituting creative baking and cooking.
Lean animal protein is actually a little miracle for diabetics. Satisfies hunger and sugars stay in a normal range.
The food pyramid that was published featuring a large array of breads and starches at the base was simply nonsense for a diabetic.
It was a challenge to create tasty deserts and beverages but both were happy with the recipes I found from diabetes websites and cookbooks. Sweeteners in moderation helped to satisfy the taste buds and I grew stevia (a great perennial plant) to sweeten fruit salads. One little Splenda packet sweetened lemon water just right, and it made baking and canning jams a joy; sometimes I just canned the fruit with no sweetener and added Splenda when I opened the jam.

Canning with Splenda
by: catlady1031

My husband and I are both diabetic although he is insulin dependent and I am not. I make my own apple butter and use a combination of Splenda and sugar - either 1/2 & 1/2 or 3/4 Splenda & 1/4 sugar. Some people say that Splenda has an aftertaste and I think a little bit of sugar helps minimize that detail. Using Splenda does not change anything about the apple butter; just keep in mind when cooking anything with Splenda there are some things which will require the cooking qualities of some sugar in the recipe - mostly when baking with Splenda and sugar combination.

by: vikki

I have canned peaches with Splenda and stevia.. I do a light syrup.. same with canning apples.. and they taste great..

Chow chow
by: Anonymous

I used Splenda in place of sugar in my Chowchow recipe turned out fine...

thanks to all
by: Sandra

ok my hubby is a longtime diabetic and I'm prediabetic and trying to eat low carb .ive also recently been told I have ibs which I don't believe any how I'm wanting to make watermelon rind preserves for my hubby made some was so sweet we couldn't eat them so now I'm wanting to try Splenda
to make jellies jams and preserves and pickles and relishes.thank you all for all your tips and advice I sure appreciate it

Canning Jams with Splenda
by: Sue Meserve

In making my jams last season, I found sugar free pectin! I tried it using Splenda in a batch of Dutch apple Jam and it was wonderful! I recommend it if you use pectin.

Honey or Splenda
by: Anonymous

Splenda is not genetically modified and honey is a form of sugar so diabetics must be careful with it just as they are with sugar from beets or sugarcane or corn - all sugar.

by: Sheshe

This has been interesting to read thank you to all who have given information on canning with or with out non sugar recipes! I have been able to revisit old information and learn new information! As far as the Honey on effecting blood sugars... I am a type 1 diabetic and one thing I have learned over the years is that you can not make blanketed remarks about anything! EVERYONE is chemically diverse and though honey or splenda may work great for you and have over all healthy benefits may be really bad for someone else! just be kind and share YOUR experience with things it may help someone!!

Canning fruit with Splenda or Other Sweetener
by: Mary

I've been canning fruit with splenda for the past
several years as my husband is diabetic. He likes it better than when I buy the sugar free fruit in the store. I use 1 cup Splenda to 3 cups water, and it's plenty sweet.

Dutch Gel
by: Anonymous

We live in PA. Somewhat near Amish and Mennonite ffamilies. In their country stores they sell a product called Dutch Gel that works great with Splenda in jams and jelly. It is available online, too. Makes a more spreadable jam on pancakes, etc. Enjoy!

Yay, Science!
by: Anonymous

I have been canning pears and peaches with Splenda for YEARS. They also keep just fine, just as well as sugar-canned fruit. I have never had any problem, and I have not had any turn dark. They taste MUCH better than sugar-canned fruits, and I don't feel like I'm eating dessert for breakfast, when we have them in the morning.
For those who fear GMOs (which has NOTHING to do with canning): We live on a planet that in every computer model, can only naturally support 4 billion people. We are now on the way to 8 billion people, and we have an environment that is totally screwed up. All GMOs are not created equally; there may be some bad stuff out there. However, we cannot feed everyone (now) without GMOs, and I am not willing to see half the population die. Also, unless you are growing all of your food yourself, you don't really know what you're eating. Many terms have been hijacked for marketing purposes. For instance: "Organic" does not mean pesticide free, it means that they are using "Organic" pesticide, which is unregulated. They can use as much as they want to! My son works in a medical research lab, and I learned this little gem from him. They use one of these "organic" pesticides to kill and prepare human cells for use on slides. (Yum-yum, organics!!) So, my point is that we need to be realistic and understand that although we are in this mess largely due to technology, the only solutions will come from additional technology. Blindly cultivating fear is not going to help.

Splenda jelly help
by: Anonymous

Can anyone help me. I made Cranberry jalapeno jelly with splenda and regular pectin. I now realize that I needed to use the sugar free pectin. What I need to know is how to fix this if I can. Should I just redo the jelly with the sugar free pectin or should I add the actual sugar and fix it that way. Does anyone know which will work or if I have to start from scratch?
Thanks in advance!

Stevia and Truvia better?
by: Anonymous

So many people want to claim that Splenda is no good and dangerous to use. You say to use stevia or Truvia instead. Has anybody ever considered how this product which comes from a green plant has been turned into a white powder? Splenda comes from another natural product, sugar, and is also turned into a white powder. They have all been processed with something. I use Splenda because it tastes good. The others taste like aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. A natural sweetener shouldn't taste artificial in my opinion. Average

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