Wondermill Grain Mill Review

with Sharon Peterson

Wondermill Grain Mill: There’s a Reason This is a Household Name!

I've been using the Wonder Mill grain mill and really loving it!

I did a couple of videos using my electric mill. First is a comparison with my old standby, an Excalibur grain mill.

I'd been using this Excalibur grain mill for years so when I had the opportunity to compare to the Wonder Mill I jumped at it. See what happens below. :)

Here I go over the Wondermill, reviewing the parts and how the mill works.

I also have the Wonder Jr Delux.

This is a hand grain mill that can be used in case of emergencies... or when you need an arm workout.  :)  

Ginger snaps with kids.

I don't have a video review, but here you'll find a fantastic gingersnap cookie recipe that my son helps me with. (both baking and eating)

I decided to look into this mill because of it's ability to grind more than just wheat.  The Wonder Junior gives you more options to mill: nuts into nut butters, coffee, flax, and many other items not possible in other grain mills.  Rave reviews I keep seeing led me to this one. I'd look at other mills and kept coming back to this one.   I have not used any other hand mill so I can't compare... but so far I'm not disappointed.

As far as cost,  I know there are cheaper mills out these.  But I also know that you get what you pay for.  The cheap mills are NOT going to work well.

I also know there are More expensive mills out there.  Some are so far out in price that I just can't justify spending that kind of money.  This one works great and doesn't break the bank.

If you like the Wondermill grain mill... you might want to take a look at these Bosch Mixers too.  A great combo.  

Disclaimer- I was provided both wonder mill grain mills for review purposes.  If I didn't like them... I would not have reviewed them.  :)  I DO like them.  

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