Orange Rhubarb Jam Recipe

This orange rhubarb jam recipe is make with liquid pectin.

This makes about 4 pints. It is VERY tempting to double jam recipes and make more. However it is difficult to make double batches of jam.

If you want to make more at a time (I don't blame you) simply have two batches going at the same time in different pots.

This recipe can be processed safely in a Water Bath Canner.

Here is a link to my strawberry rhubarb jam recipe.


Gather your canning supplies


  • orange rhubarb
  • 2 1/2 pounds of rhubarb - diced
  • 6 cups sugar
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 package liquid pectin

Start by washing jars, and get water in your canner heating. 

(see Water Bath Canning for full directions)


Weigh, wash and dice your rhubarb. 


Zest 1 orange. You could do both if you like a stronger orange flavor. I zest one orange and end up with about 2 - 3 Tablespoons of zest.

Zest is the outer orange layer of the orange peel. A zester is a handy little tool used to zest an orange. Scrape it along the outside of your orange. You could also use a cheese grater if you don't have a zester.

Alternatively you could slice one orange peel up very thinly after you have juiced it. (The next step) My boys don't like the texture with the orange peel, so I use the zest. Shh don't tell em it's got orange peel in it.

Now squeeze the juice from both oranges. Measure your juice and add enough water to equal 1 cup. Now is the time slice your peel if you choose to not use the zest. Pull most of the white pith from the inside of one of your oranges and thinly slice the peel remaining.

Combine orange juice, diced rhubarb and zest (or sliced peel) in a largerhubarb jam recipe adding food coloring stock pot and simmer covered for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave this steam for another few minutes or until rhubarb is tender and mushy.

Add sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring often. 

If you have used a green type of rhubarb like I have you will notice that the jam is a sickly green color. It is just not appetizing to me.

So as much as I don't like to I reluctantly added red food coloring.

About 15 drops makes it a nice cinnamony color. Add as much as you prefer. You can skip this if you don't mind the green. But I know my boys and I don't think green jam would go over too well. (remember don't tell em it's got orange peel!)

When mixture is fully boiling add 1 package liquid pectin. Return to a boil and boil hard for 1 minute.

Skim foam if necessary.

Fill hot jars with hot jam leaving 1/4 inch head space.

Pack and process according to water bath canning instructions.

Processing time

1/2 pints or pints

process for 10 minutes if you are below 6000 ft elevation.

15 minutes if you are above 6000 ft elevation.

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