Freezing Corn

How to freeze fresh sweet corn on the cob or kernels.

Nothing beats corn picked fresh from the garden. This page explains freezing corn on the cob or sweet corn kernels. Even make a cream style corn.

How to freeze Corn

First you'll need to husk corn and remove silk. Then blanch the ears of corn.

Get your corn huskers to work!
Make sure they (or you) do their best to get all the hair off.

While the corn is being husked, start boiling water. Either in a large stockpot or your blancher. I find a large stock pot works well for me.
freezing corn huskers
Blanch your corn 3-5 cobs at a time, depending on the size of the corn and the size of your pot.

Plunge the cobs in boiling water for 5-6 minutes depending on the size of the cob. Larger cobs will be blanched for a longer time.

Start counting your time as soon as the cobs enter the water. Do not wait for the water to come to a boil again.
freezing corn
Remove cobs with tongs. Place immediately into a sink or pot of ice water to cool and stop the cooking process.

Allow the corn to sit in the water for at least 2 minutes. Keep this water cold. Add ice if necessary.
canning corn
Remove the cobs from the cold water and allow to drain. Cut the kernels from the cob.

Set the cob on end and run your knife down the sides cutting off the kernels.

Try not to cut into the cob. I aim for getting off about 3/4 of the kernel.

The kernels will stick together in little strips and look like this.
I use a large cookie sheet to catch the kernels; a large flat dish like a cake pan would also work.
canning corn
Place the corn into freezer containers. I prefer freezer bags. Remove as much air as possible, seal label and freeze.

Place bags in the freezer in single layers. This allows the corn to freeze quickly. When the corn is completely frozen you may stack the bags for convenience.
freezing corn

If you want cream style corn simply scrape the corn cobs with the edge of your knife after you cut the kernels off. This will remove any juice and pulp left on the cob. Stir this into the corn kernels in a large pot. Package just the same as above.

Here is another way to make cream style corn with home canned corn.

Freezing Corn on the cob.

Husk and blanch corn cobs using the same blanching methods as described above.

Cool and drain cobs. Wrap ears individually with plastic wrap. Then place the cobs in gallon size freezer bags or wrap in freezer paper.

Seal label and freeze. Place cobs in freezer in a single layer. Allow to freeze completely then stack for convenience.

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