Worried about losing your tattler canning jar lids that you give away on home preserved gifts?

Have I got a solution for you! 

I was thinking about this problem the other day. What can I do about giving my home made jams or pickles away as gifts when they have my tattlers on them?

If the gift recipient is a canner.... I'd just consider the lids part of the gift. They can try them out for themselves! 

However..... most people I give these gifts to have absolutely no use for the lids. They don't do any canning themselves. I'm afraid they would just toss the lid! Eeeek. It would break my heart to throw away a perfectly good tattler!

I figured I could add a pretty gift tag asking for the lid back. I wondered if it would be tacky.... then thought about the people I tend to give these to. I know them well enough to know they wouldn't mind at all.

THEN I had a brilliant idea. Talk to mom! She is a poet at heart and has always written poems for her children. I just put in a special order. Tattler lid return requests... in ditty form. And here is what she came up with. She is so cool!

Remember Tattler lids can be purchased at Amazon... here is my affiliate link.  

Tattler lids, oh so fine
Don't forget that they are mine!

These lids you'll love they last forever.
Please send them back when thru
I'll really be grateful when I use them again
And always think of you.

My lids do travel, they're tattlers you know
but at times they never return.
So please send them back, when you are thru
thanks much, for your concern.

Some more ideas from our readers.  

Tattler Rings
by: Janet Pirlot

These tattler lids come with a heaven return spring and you just might get are fill jar.

Winner here!
by: Krysta Swygart

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I made you some food
Return the lid to me
And I will be in a good mood

Tattler Ditty
by: Karen

This little white lid
With rubber so red,
Return it to me,
and I'll keep you well fed.

Tattler Lids
by: Katie

Receive this gift as my love is true,

Return the lids..  Or I'll hunt for you!

Tattler ditty
by: Kathy

Veggies, fruits, jellies and jams
I canned this jar for you
Done with love and a Tattler lid
Which you will return, won't you?

Lid Ditty
by: Sarah B

If preserving is not your thing,
please return these supplies to me.
But if it is, the gift is more,
a Tattler lid to reuse some more!

Tattler Labels
by: April

If you don't send my Tattler lid back,
The next thing I give you will be a crack!

You know you like my Cookin'
So send my Tattler lids back
Or next time you'll just be lookin'

There are 2 things I like to keep -
Good friends and my Tattler lids!
Please send my lids back.

rhyme for Tattler
by: Judy Delk

The love and time I spend for you
Reflected in the bright hue
Of homemade goodies just for you.

This gift I give, includes the plea,
Along with your thanks to be,
Please return lid and container to me –

If you want to be
Recipient of further from me
With all my love, Judy D.

Tattler lid ditty
by: Justine

I canned this homemade food just for you,
And would greatly appreciate the re-usable lid back when you're through!

Tattler Lid Return Ditty
by: Kelley M

This is a reusable seal you see,
I'd appreciate you return it to me.

Return my Tattler please
by: Sylvia Warren

From garden to kitchen to you my friend. I hope that you enjoy this gift as much as I enjoyed making it. If you are unable to reuse the Tattler lid and jar I would greatly appreciate their return. So that I may reuse them to share with you again!

My Favorite Ditty
by: Anonymous

I enjoy canning, and when I do, I often think of friends like You...
But my Tattler Lids, unless returned...
Might just as well be money burned!

return the lid, please
by: mojodoggie

From top to bottom
From bottom to top
Filled with goodness
From this seasons crop
Please return the lid when finished.

tattler lids
by: Anonymous

These canned goods I know you will enjoy,
but please return my tattler lid, no need to be coy.

3 Tattler haiku
by: krys lefler

Wonderful Tattler,
I re-use you in canning
again and again.

Tasty treat inside,
please, enjoy and share alike...
Return jar and lid.

Please enjoy this jar...
Tattler, attached to its top
refill, if returned.

by: Holly

I already started my garden planning
Peppers, pickles and plenty of canning
The Tattler lids will help out too
So I need to go out and buy two!

Lid Ditty
by: Mary Ann

Here's a gift not sold in your store.
Return the lid to enjoy some more.

Tattler lids
by: A Donovan

Dearest Friend,
I hope you enjoy this jar of wonderfulness made especially for you! The best part is that IF you return it to me, I will refill it AGAIN with something new just for you!

"Ditty " for Tattler
by: Susan V.

Please return the lid,it's a Tattler,
because if you don't can, it won't much Mattler

OK... it sounded better in my head... LOL

Solution for lid or jar return!
by: Rita

Attach a coupon that says " This coupon is good for a free jar of homemade canned goods when you return the Tattler lid and empty jar to me"! I tell this to all my friends and kids! works every time!

I like this better--Tattler
by: Janet

This Tattler Lid I lend with pride,
please return to me, I'll do a dance inside!

Tattler lid return rhyme
by: Janet

This Tattler lid I lend to you,
Please send it back when you are through.

Tattler lids gift tag
by: cinrafter

Enjoy these sweets and I will enjoy my Tattler lids returned when your done! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Tattler Ditty
by: Laura Williams

This jar of home canned goodies won't get you in a pickle. Be a dear and return the Tattler Lid and jar so I won't get in a jam come next canning season.

O, Tattler
by: Cynthia L.

O, Tattler
O, Tattler
O, please do return

O, Tattler
My Tattler
its for you I yearn

O, Tattler
dear Tattler
my givees should learn

O, Tattler
precious Tattler
my thanks they'll have earned.

How did they do? :)
by: Crystal

I knew you would like those tattlers. Isn't is wonderful to know that we never have to rush to the grocery store during canning season again?!

Thanks for all your wonderful information too. If you could please send those back before spring is here? Thanks ;)

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