Canning and Thickening Pie Filling

When canning pie filling cornstarch will work as a thickening agent.

I was told that I can't use cornstarch as a thickener in pie fillings that I have to use a special pie thickener for canning.
Faith TN.

I have good news for this one. Corn starch or flour are fine for thickening canned pie filling. They will just give you a different looking product.

I am not sure what 'special pie thickener' you are referring to so I will just touch on the difference in flour and cornstarch.

Edited to add - I figured it out. Clear Jel!

Corn starch will give you a nice clear filling. Pretty to the eyes.

If you use flour you will end up with a more cloudy look.

I don't believe there is any difference in taste. Just go with what you like.

Personally I like the cloudy look.

Maybe not as pretty as the magazine pictures you see, but my grandma was the queen of apple pie. Her apple pie filling was always cloudy. So of course that is my preconceived notion of what a filling should look like.

When I make apple pie my canning recipe uses flour as a thickener. Sometimes I use cornstarch as well. Just depends on my mood.

Enjoy your pie!


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