Canning Pie filling, How hard can it be?

canning pie fillingCanning Pie Filling

Sharon's 5 tips for canning pie filling.  

1- if you like lots of fruit in your pies,  add a pint of plain fruit to your pie when you make it.  It always seems to me that canned pie filling (home made or store purchased) has lots of the thickener filling in it and not enough fruit.  My solution is to use a quart of home canned pie filling in my pie crusts, then add a pint of the same fruit  as well.  Be sure this pint of fruit is drained well.  This adds more fruit and less thickener to your pies.  

2- don't try to fill your jars with fruit first and then pour your thickener in.   It makes a mess.  Inevitably that thickener thickens enough that it doesn't want to flow down between the fruit in your jars.  It is much easier to mix the fruit into the thickener first and then fill your jars. 

3- This isn't really a tip but a warning,  Be sure you process those jars!  Even if those lids pop down before they have been processed (it has happened). The processing is what makes the jar shelf stable. Occasionally with a hot pack the jars are hot enough and start cooling and that lid snaps down, but it is not sterilized until it is processed.  

4- Use Clear jel, I used to use flour or cornstarch as a thickener.... Then I tried Clear Jel.   I'm totally sold on the product.  I don't recommend using either flour or cornstarch anymore.  At all.

5- If you don't have clear jel, no problem,  Just can the fruit plain and then thicken it and add any spices when you want to make your pie.  

So What is Clear Jel?

Clear Jel: Comparison to cornstarch or flour. 

Clear jel is a modified corn starch used for home canning pie fillings.  The consistency of your sauce in the pie is much nicer than corn starch.  See the picture?  Can you tell which one is clear jel? Click through to find out more and where to find it.  As a specialty item it's not always at your local grocer.  

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