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Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

I have used these canning lids in both pressure and water bath canning. They work well with both methods.   I tried them out first in water bath canning... they worked great. So I decided to get some more.

Tattler Reusable canning lids.  My review, pictures, video and results.

I continued using them and added the pressure canner to the mix. Still worked great.

I knew in an instant that I loved the idea of reusing them. Not having to buy more canning lids every year is an obvious benefit. That is a no-brainer.

I'll save money by using these lids... and it is much better not to be tossing old lids in the trash.

How I use Tattler Canning Lids

My first question was... do they seal? Using these lids would not be worth it, if I ended up having to reprocess a lot of unsealed jars. I have found that the Tattler canning jar lids seal just as well as the traditional metal lids.   A few misses here and there, but generally they seal pretty well.  

Edited to add--->>  After using Tattlers for a couple years almost exclusively, I've gone back to my metal lids.   I still like tattlers!  But I realized that I wanted to save them for emergencies when regular lids might not still be available.  (I've read that back in the 70's that happened.)  

Plus honestly thought tattlers are certainly NOT hard to use, those metal lids are still pretty foolproof and that ease of use is convincing to a busy mom.  So my tattlers are saved for a rainy day.  I still recommend them for folks interested in prepping and self reliance.  It is nice knowing that they are there and ready in case the need arises.  

Other items to note

•    These lids are not flexible. To see if the seal is good you will need to test it by removing the screw band and lift the lid by the edges of the Tattler lid. It will not suck down and 'ping' like standard lids do.

•    When I went to mark my lids I also realized that masking tape or sticky labels are necessary...I did not want to write directly on the tattler lid. You could also write directly on the jar.

•    Remember my comment about the seals seeming thin? Doesn't seem to be a problem. They did not seem to stretch after use several times. With normal care they will last a long time... now don't go and test that with a game of tug o war or anything!

Reusability: That is only one word but this is a big thing. This in itself makes the product valuable.

These lids are made with NO BPA.
That is pretty cool too! They have more detailed information at their website if this is a concern for you. Here is a quote.

TATTLER Reusable Plastic Canning Lids are manufactured using a plastic compound that is safe for direct contact with food products. We utilize an FDA and USDA approved, food grade product known as Polyoxymethylene Copolymer (POM) or Acetal Copolymer.

The formulation does not contain any Bisphenol A (BPA)!

Made in the USA!
Gotta love that!

Tattlers mentioned in a University of MN newsletter.

Do the lids work? From years of experience and stories, yes they do. Now the University of Minnesota is going to test these results.

I can't wait to hear what the results are. I'm guessing the lids will pass with flying colors.Time will tell. 

It is interesting that in the brief article the University states "This lid should not impact the safety of the product as long s the food was processed properly."  If the extension had doubts of the safety they would not have been willing to even put this positive comment out there.

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From Sharon's inbox:


Sharon, I would like more information on the reusable lids. Do you buy the rubber seal every year? I want to try them but really scared. I don't want to lose my food. Thank you. Yes I have checked their site but want to hear it from someone.


Hi Kaye, The rubber seal is estimated to last about 10 uses. So if you use the seal once a year that is 10 years. Many of my seals get used more than once a year. I store them and just grab them when I need them so it would be really difficult to keep track of just how many uses I've gotten out of each.

There is a learning curve to using them. Some adapt quickly and easily, some seem to have more trouble.  The most common mistake I see is tightening down the rings too tight. They have pretty good instruction on their website.

They do have a sample pack with just a couple of lids that you can order if you want to try it out without investing too much.   I hope that helps you make your decision.

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