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Thank you for visiting Simply Canning.   This page is full of the products and companies that I work with and love. Yes, these are affiliate links.  Be assured nothing goes on this page unless I've tried it and like it.  By shopping these links you are supporting my site!  Thank you.

Simply Canning E-books

Simply Canning... the book!

A Survival Guide to Safe Home Canning. 

Learn safe canning techniques for new canners. 

Venison Recipes

Your shelves are full of canning jars with ground or cubed elk.... what do you do with it? Make supper of course.

Simple Soups

Homemade Comfort Food
Soup Recipes using YOUR home canned or dehydrated food storage foods.

Canning Equipment

If you are going to start canning right... go ahead and start with the good stuff.  I love a stainless steel waterbath canner. More expensive... but worth it. 

I recommend My Patriot Supply for these!

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids.  Useful for both waterbath and pressure canning.  Use them over and over up to 10 times!  American made and BPA Free.   

Food Storage

With 4.49 shipping for any size order I have not a single complaint with honeyville.  (we love their popcorn best out of any we've tried)  Honeyville Food Storage

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