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SimplyCanning.Com offers several advertising options. You will reach readers who are specifically doing research on home canning and preserving foods through dehydrating or freezing.

As a sponsor you will effectively brand your item to the highly targeted readers here. And Simply Canning readers ARE very highly targeted.

You will have a link directly to your site. An offline ad does not have this possibility. Not only do you increase your brand awareness but you also get to sell direct to your "target market" when they "click through" from your ad to your website.

Who browses Simply Canning?

Eighty-nine percent of my audience is from the United States. Another almost nine percent from Canada. The rest of my viewers are world wide.

When Simply Canning first started my audience was overwhelmingly women. But currently there is a large percentage of men visiting.  

Simply Canning has viewers who are:

  • interested in preserving foods at home through canning, dehydrating, freezing.
  • active gardeners
  • interested in learning self reliance skills
  • creative in the kitchen
  • conscious of preparing for the future through food storage and stocking up.
  • health conscious and attempting to avoid preservatives and chemicals.
  • food enthusiasts who love to create new things.

These are highly-targeted customers. gardeners, homesteaders, self sustaining movement, and the self-reliant type and preppers are a big part of the audience here.

My Audience...

SimplyCanning.com receives thousands of visitors every day.  

Simply Canning-e-mail newsletter  reaches over 44,000 opt in subscribers.

Simply Canning Facebook page has over 500,00 likes.   Click here to check current stats.

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Sharon's audience trusts her, and rightly so.  Her expertise and experience mean that her recommendations come highly, but certainly not lightly.  If Sharon recommends your business or products to her audience, you will see the results.  Pantry Paratus has experienced the benefit of her kind words through increased mailing lists, social media fans, and an immediate response in sales. 

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