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What others say:

It is so fun to read the comments and notes from the readers and canners here.  I love hearing your backgrounds.  ~  Sharon

Always pleased when your email arrives. So much wonderful information.
Have some beef to can next. You were the one who made me realize how simple it is and how we enjoy the results! Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us. I recommend your site to all my canning friends.
Bless you

It's great to read your posts...and I have read your Simply Canning Book.  Today is my 66th birthday, and I am canning chicken breasts that I bought at Sam's Club for $1.88 per pound...(boneless, skinless, hatched, raised and processed in the USA.) 

Tomorrow we will celebrate my birthday after church.  I told my husband that I would rather stay in my peaceful, smaller home (now that we have downsized) and can any type of food we can get.  The summer season for fresh veggies is over, so  now i am thinking of meats, soups, stews and chili in jars. 

Keep the posts coming....I certainly enjoy them!

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