Simply Canning... the e-book.  

Survival Guide to Safe Home Canning. 

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Do you know the most important information for safely home canning? Do you have the assurance that you won't poison your children?

Simply Canning the book... will lead you step by step through the most important safety information for both Pressure Canning and Water bath Canning.

Are you overwhelmed at all the safety information when learning about safe home canning?

Sometimes you don't even know what questions to ask!  This guide pulls all of the most important canning information and organizes it in a single place. Are you not sure where to start? You will find a logical step by step guide to all the essentials.


This guide is designed to boost your understanding of canning principals and safety, and make your canning a success. Simply Canning will give you essential information you need for safe, successful and fun home canning.

168 pages of safe home canning information that will give you confidence and peace of mind.... we all love peace of mind.

What you will learn

Basics - so what is it that processing actually does?
Choosing your food and canning methods
- Which method should you use, and more importantly which ones to NOT to use.
Types of Canners -How to use both Water Bath and Pressure Canners.
Equipment - What else do you need? Hand tools, Specialty tools? Which ones are essential and which are just plain handy.
The Big Day - Tips to make processing day go smoothly.
Preparation - The key to stress-free success is to have everything in order before you start. 
When the job is done - How to check your seals, store your jars and equipment. What to do if you have jars that don't turn out quite right.
Recipes for basic foods - over 50 recipes for both pressure canning and waterbath canning.

Knowledge conquers fear.

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Do you ever wonder what the heck is happening with your jars and food.  Why do you need a pressure canner even though your great grandmother did not use one! Simply Canning will explain the process and show your what is happening in your jars as you process your foods.

  • It gives you a place to start!
  • It gives you the knowledge to make wise and healthy decisions when preserving foods at home.


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Are you itching to get started canning your own foods? Read the entire guide right on your computer even if offline. Are you one of the few who don't have wireless internet? I am.

Do you like taking your laptop into the living room to snuggle down into your easy chair with a cup of coffee? I do. Having information without being online is very convenient at times.

If you are like me and prefer to have paper in hand, print up your e-book and read it at your convenience. I find paper easier on the eyes. I like being able to take information with me without the hassle of the computer. 

Are you a note taker? By printing up these materials you can make notes in the margins.

Need reinforcement while you are in action in the kitchen? Print up a copy of How to Use a Pressure Canner. Keep it with you in the kitchen when you are canning that first batch in your pressure canner. Same with How to Use a Waterbath Canner.

The e-book has a linked table of contents to help you skip right to the sections you want with the click of a button.

An index in the back lists all topics.  Again this is also linked.  (Love those single click destinations!)

New Online Canning Class

Now Simply Canning E-book is bundled with the Canning Basics Video Course. 

A complete canning class right in your kitchen. 

Click here for more information on Canning Basics Class.

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Please note that you are  purchasing an e-book book. 

It is not a physical book.
(a paperback book is in the works!)

What you are purchasing is a pdf file that you can download and save to your computer.For instructions on how to open in kindle or i-pad see the bottom of the page. 

If you want to you can print the entire book, or only the pages you choose.

Place this in a 3 ring notebook and you are ready to go!

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