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Zaycon Foods

zaycon foods ham

Zaycon Fresh is a company that sells meat in bulk orders.  Sort of a food co-op… but different. 

They deliver bulk purchases at what they call ‘events’.  Each event specializes in a specific product or two.  Different products are offered at different times.  

Click through here to see what is available in your area. 

How it works.  

  1. You go online to and place your order.
  2. On the day of your local Zaycon sales event, you bring your order confirmation to a designated location a short drive from your home, and you get your fresh, delicious, nutritious food!

How easy is that?

  • Combined Buying Power  Zaycon combines the buying power of many families together, enabling us to negotiate huge savings on food purchases for your family
  • Direct Farm-To-Consumer  Zaycon brings products direct from the farm / processor (or as nearly as direct as possible). The products are as fresh as if you had your own farm, but without all the chores.
  • Sold By The Case  Zaycon sells food products only by the case. No extra costs for handling. And no more empty shelves in your pantry
  • Select Products  Zaycon sells high quality, healthy food.  The focus is on a select number of commonly consumed food items such as fresh meats like chicken, beef, turkey, pork and fish
  • Sales Event Model  Zaycon's unique sales event approach turns traditional food purchasing on its ear. Convenient, quick, organized—about 2 minutes and you never even need to get out of your car

The foods we've tried so far.  The stand outs.  
5 out of 5 Stars for these.  

The Chicken!  

All boneless and skinless, natural and healthy.  I was pleased with the prices too!

 •  100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients
•  Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen
•  Sold by the case — 40 lbs in each case

I have used both their boneless skinless chicken breast and thighs.  VERY very pleased with both! Super easy for canning too because the meat is all prepared just plunk them in a jar and process. But I do use them both canned and from the freezer.  

The chicken comes in large packages so be prepared to wrap them when you get home into serving sizes appropriate for your family.  I usually wrap the breasts individually because they are big!  The thighs I do in packages of 3 or 4 for my family of 4 (at home right now).  

Now I'm asking zaycon for whole chickens... if you would love to see whole chickens added to their product list contact Zaycon customer service.  If enough of us ask, maybe they will bring it in.   

The Bacon  Oh yes the bacon!

Zaycon Bacon wrapped around a Venison Roast.  YUM!  If you like a thick sliced bacon you'll love this bacon.  We are so totally sold on Zaycon bacon I order extra the second time around so we wouldn't run out before the next bacon event.  We eat bacon most mornings.  

The Salmon!  Wild Caught Salmon is to die for! 

We've started a once a week tradition in our house.  Salmon, home made macaroni and cheese and a veggie of choice.  So good and so good for you!  All I do with the salmon is sprinkle with some lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste (we like it heavy) place a few slabs of real butter on top to melt as it bakes and bake.  So delicious and easy.  

Here is our story... :)  I am not a fish lover.  My husband used to always tease me when we would go out to a seafood place and I'd order chicken.  Yet I really do love Zaycon's Salmon.  So far it is the only fish I can say I like.  

My husband is a fish lover!  We did not have fish nearly enough for him.  He'd have to remind me every once in a while to make fish for him.  The problem is I'd try and try, but I really don't know much about fish and only occasionally would he like the fish I baked.  

He also loves Zaycons Salmon. Yay!  It has been a hit every time I serve it.  Both my sons at home like it too.  

So both a fish lover and a non fish lover like it.  

Of course I can't promise anything. I was a bit concerned because you do have to buy such a large amount and what if my husband didn't like it!  But for us it is a done deal.  I"ll be doing my best to keep it in stock in my freezer.  

I'm also going to can some... just so I can try it out.  :)  I just haven't done it yet. I'll post when I do.  

The Hams! 

Hams come in a box with 2 large boneless hams.  We had one for Christmas dinner and lots of leftover ham for breakfasts. The other is in the freezer waiting. I loved their hams! 

zaycon foods ham

The Pork Ribs.... yes, yes, yes.

I really need to get a picture of the ribs.  Slow cooked with some barbecue sauce in a slow cooker is our favorite way to cook these.  I've also cooked them in my pressure cooker with great results when I didn't plan ahead.  Love love the Ribs.  

Click through here to see what is available in your area. 

The following are good products that we loved.   I'd say 4 star foods.  

Ground Beef

The  ground beef comes in 4 rolls of 10 pounds each.   I planned on doing a post about canning beef, but I couldn’t bring myself to can it!  We seldom eat beef so it was a big treat for us.  We are big venison consumers. If you want to can this beef, do it the same as venison.  

Beef burgers we do though.  And we did. I have to say that the beef we eat we like to get locally from a friend so I don't know that we'll get more, but if you don't have access to fresh grass fed beef this is a great option.  

zaycon foods beef roll

Breakfast sausages

Zaycon sausage links for a quick breakfast meat.  I take these out and cook from frozen.  Pretty convenient!  I liked these but we are not really much for sausage links so again, these were good but not one of the stand outs.  

My only disappointments.   (sorry Zaycon but I gotta be honest) 

We ordered the pork Polish Kielbasa Links sausages in our last order.  I have to say I was dissapointed.  We are not big kielbasa sausage eaters so I was not sure what to expect.  I was hoping that these would be the spectacular meat that the other products are.  They were just so-so.  Certainly great for around the campfire but not the usual Zaycon high quality.  In my humble opinion of course.  

On a positive note.... they are marked MSG free! So if you want hotdogs, these would fit the bill.  

And of course still a great price.  

Zaycon Foods Events

When I first read about “events” I wondered….. What do you mean “event”?

Not to worry, it was just like a drive through meat store. This picture is of our last event/pick up.  

You place your order ahead of time and print off your receipt.  It is a good idea to bring that receipt with you... but I've forgotten my receipt several times and had no problem.  They are pretty well organized.

When you arrive at your event location you don’t even have to leave your car.  Everyone lines up and drives past the back of the Zaycon truck.  There, two friendly guys greet you with a big smile and ask your name.  They then go grab your box or boxes and put it in your car.  Drive away.  Easy. 

Click through here to see what is available in your area. 

Events near you?

Click on the image or click here to go to the Zaycon website. (affiliate link, thank you!) 

If you have not registered before you’ll need to enter a name and zip-code.  Then you can see where and when events will be happening by you. 

The closest event to me is an hour away but it appears the company is growing and will hopefully be coming closer to me.  They have event locations all over the states. If there is not one near you spread the word, if they get enough interest in your area they will organize a delivery for you. 

I’m really liking this system. It was so smooth and easy.

A couple of videos. 


I've had several questions regarding Zaycon Foods that I didn't know the answer.  So, I asked them!  Here's what they say.....


"But I want to know where my meat and poultry comes from, how it was farmed, how it was butchered. I don't want inhumanely raised or slaughtered meat. Sorry, but I just need more information"


We get our beef from National Beef. We did have a blogger do some research on National beef and found them to be one of the best of the bigger farms. There was even a documentary that mentions it, I will have to see if I can find it. The beef is grass fed up until a few months before slaughter then they are also given grain to bulk up and to better the flavor.

Here are some more information on things I most commonly get asked:

With the amount of chicken and beef we sell, we keep our costs down with using larger farms. We have a goal to have our own farms across the country and be able to control our product from start to finish. We have found, over the past 4 years, which farms are best with quality and consistency.

We have had some growing pains and face those hurdles head on. We realize that we are not for everyone. We also can't control weather ;)

Our goal is to provide quality, fresh, healthy foods to families on a budget.

There is no waste with our product, it does not sit in a warehouses for weeks before getting to our customers. We are able to buy only what we sell, so there is no left over product.

We donate product to the churches and businesses that let us use their parking lots for events. We are able to help out shelters and food pantries with the small amounts of product that are left over from our events. Nothing gets thrown away. 


Are Zaycon Foods GMO free?


We cannot say that the chicken is 100% GMO free. The reason is because the feed can be cross contaminated from the shipping containers used for non GMO free feed. 

The chickens are cage free. The farm we receive our chicken from is called Wayne Farms.

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