Venison Roast Recipe
Baked in a Sun Oven

bacon wrapped venison roast recipe

Bacon Wrapped Venison roast recipe with home canned pinto beans, cooked in the sun oven

It was a sun oven cooking kind of day today!  Beautiful sun no wind and hungry boys. 

Bacon wrapped venison with a pint of home canned pinto beans was the menu for lunch.  It turned out fantastic.  Protein filled yumminess. 

First thing to do is preheat sun oven.  They work better if they are heated first before placing your food in it to cook.

Rinse a venison roast and pat dry.  Rub the entire roast with a light coating of olive oil.  Place in your baking dish.  I used the one that came with my sun oven. Any dish will work but these are dark and lightweight.  Perfect for solar cooking.

Sprinkle all sides with seasonings of your choice.  My choice today was simple down home garlic salt and pepper, with some seasoned meat tenderizer as well. 

Place strips of bacon  over the top of the roast.  This was a small roast today so 3 short pieces did it.  But if you have a larger roast just cover the whole top. Bacon adds to just about ANY venison recipe. 

venison roast in a sun oven

Cover and place in the preheated son oven.  Allow to cook until done rare. About 140 degrees internally. Amount of sun in your day and the size of the roast will affect how long it takes to cook. Mine cooked for about an hour. 

Then add a pint of home canned pinto beans over the top.  Any kind of bean works, I just have lots of pinto beans.

Cover and cook another 20 minutes or so until roast is done and beans are bubbly hot. Again this will depend on the amount of sun you have.  I always use a meat thermometer to determine doneness of the meat.  170 degrees is done well.

venison roast with beans and bacon

Slice up your meat and serve with a side salad or tortilla chips.  Or serve it like we did today… just like it is.  No sides needed.  The bacon flavors both the roast and the beans.  Perfect! 

Great for my meat lovers.

The sun oven makes venison so tender and not dry at all.  My favorite way to cook it… well except maybe for a good back-strap steak with home fries.  Now that is pretty good too. 

Venison Roast Recipe: Solar Cooking

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