Transporting Home Canned Food

by Bobbie

Thank you for this site! Very informative, & I hope my unusual question can be answered here.

I haven't canned anything for years & years (not since helping my Mom on the farm as a child), but would like to start again using more modern, safer methods (yup, I've done my research).

The problem is, I live, work and travel in an RV (a lifestyle I love that suits me as I have my own company), and store things that don't fit in the RV in a cargo trailer I tow behind.

The home canned foods would have to be stored in the trailer. I can make sure the jars are stable, cool, dry and dark (like a pantry or cellar), but the big question is, will the constant movement break the seals? I can only avoid so many potholes and manhole covers, but taking into account head space, that would likely result in 'sloshing'. Not safe?

I hope I will be able to can, in order to take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables I find along the way, and enjoy the type of 'farm cooking' my mother used to provide.

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks again.


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Home Canning and RV'ing- what fun
by: Sharon

Hi Bobbie, You are right this is an unusual question. I love it!

I don't see sloshing of your food as a problem. The less shaking the better but as long as you are not off roading I think you'll be fine. As always be sure and check the seal before you open and eat your food.

My cautions would pertain more to temperature. You don't want your jars to freeze and you don't want them to get too hot either.

The ideal temperatures to store jars is between 50 - 70 degrees. You need to be aware of the temperature in your trailer.

Great question.

home canned items and traveling
by: Anonymous

We drive truck across country and I bring home canned items all the time. The one big problem is that the hot water bathed items seals pop going across high elevation. I learned that the hard way. We have no problems at all with pressure canned items.

Thank you! I appreciate a first hand experienced account. I bet the elevation might be an issue with shipping home canned items as well.

Keeping my jars cool
by: Julie

Hi there. I love all your advice and ideas, I get your blog. We are going to be going full-time rving and the only place to keep my jars of canned meat is under the seats in the dining room. Is there something I can cover that would keep them cool? All I can think of is an old heavy rug. LOL

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