Tomatoes processing times

It seems that on many sites that the processing times for whole or half tomatoes in a pressure canner is 25 minutes, but while looking on National Center for Home Food Preservation web site the process times in a Pressure canner is reduced.

canning tomatoes in water


You are correct. The site you have linked to is a reliable resource and I often use it myself. The times I have quoted on my canning tomatoes page I drew from my Ball Blue book.

My directions on Simply Canning are for canning tomatoes raw with no added liquid. They are just in their own juice. If you look at this page canning tomatoes with no liquid added. on that same web site the times are the same.

The page you saw with the different processing times uses a different packing method than I do. Thus the times are different.

The site you mentioned has listed different packing methods for canning tomatoes. And options for using different weights at more or less times. I have listed only one.

It is surprising that different methods will require different time and pressures.

Thank you for pointing this out. I am always happy to be "checked up on". I want to give as accurate information as possible. Also there may be someone who prefers a different packing method than I do and will want to use the times offered there.

I always recommend calling your local extension service for more help if there are any concerns.

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Canning Spaghetti Sauce
by: R Blondin

Hi, I just found your site today and I am very excited - lots to learn! But I do have a question - You state more than once that if someone is canning vegetables that it must be done in a pressure cooker. Why?

My mother had a pressure cooker blow up on her so she stopped using it therefore I have never learned how to use a pressure cooker and I don't own one.

I want to make spaghetti sauce so I am wondering if I can just add the lemon juice to each jar and then just use the water bath. If this is o.k. then how many minutes should I leave the tomatoes in the hot water?


Hi there, great question.
The reason you must use a pressure canner is that vegetables are a low acid food and are a risk for botulism. Here are some pages on canning safety that you might be interested in.
Canning Safety

Assuming your spaghetti sauce has some vegetables (onion, green peppers, carrots or other) you will need to use a pressure canner to process it.

Hope that helps.

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