the whole process

by Tina Janis
(Oxford, Ga)

I am canning Jalapenos. I found a recipe that uses vinegar and preserving salt (boil vinegar add salt, solution to the jarred sliced Jalapenos).

I have stuffed and filled the jars, put the lids on and now need to process (put in the pressure canner). Can that wait until tomorrow?
Can I pressure can in the morning? I have about 21 jars to do.
What do you think?


No you can't wait until the next day. The reason is the jars need to be hot when they go into the canner. If you wait you'll need to dump the jars, reheat the vinegar solution and repack your jars... basically start over.

My suggestion is to go ahead and just push through and process them now.

Line up your beautiful jars on the counter in your clean kitchen when you are done. When you wake in the morning you will be so pleased at your jars you will be glad you finished.

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Do you have to pressure can them??
by: Anonymous

Or is it ok to do a hot water bath??? The recipe that I found has to use a hot water bath.


I can't comment on the safety of your recipe, but if it is all vinegar and not diluted with water, I'd presume that it would acidic enough to just do a water bath.

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hot canning jars?
by: Loretta

Do the jars need to be hot because they will crack otherwise? Or is it related to safety of the product being canned?

If it's the first, then can't you put them in a sink of very, very hot water to prevent that?

Yes it is because the canning jars may break if very hot food is added to a cool jar. And yes again... you may certainly put them in either a sink or pot of very hot water.

I've even used the jars just room temperature cautiously added a small amount of my hot food to each jar and then gone back and filled them. This way the jar slowly raises temperature.

But be very cautious with this. This is my quirky way of filling jars when my burners and dishwasher both are full! :0)

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