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Who makes Simply Canning great?  

The first 5 yrs of Simply Canning I (Sharon) worked alone on this passion of mine.  It was a hobby that I adored and spent hour upon hour creating.  NOW.... I am happy and thrilled to have grown to a point where I need help.  :) And along came these wonderful folks! These contributors add more depth of information, variety, and more value to my readers, You!

I'd like to introduce this amazing team I am blessed with.

Contributing Writers

About Karen

Karen is a wife, mother, business owner, gardener, canner, and the owner of “Love Your Land.”  

Karen understands that gardening in Northern Colorado is seemingly a fleeting moment in time, so join her on Facebook for daily tips, tricks, and discussions, and on Love your Land You Tube for weekly how-to videos on how to extend a 3-month grow season into a 9-month grow season! 

About Mike

Mike Podlesny is the author of the book Vegetable Gardening for the Average Person as well as the creator of the Seeds of the Month Club where members receive non gmo, heirloom variety seeds every month.

You can listen to Mike each week on the Vegetable Gardening Podcast where he interviews gardening industry experts.

About Julie

Julie Fenn is a Holistic, Natural Foods Chef, cooking snow or shine, in Denver, Colorado. She graduated in 2013 from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and now combines her holistic culinary expertise with almost a decade of experience working as a Registered Nurse.

You can find her creating, photographing and taste-testing her way across the Front Range. 

Her Website is:

About Brad

Brad Cloutier is a backyard gardener from Indiana with a passion for permaculture and bio-diverse gardening. 

He serves as a team leader at his local community garden alongside his wife and five boys.  

Online Canning Classes

Learn Home Canning

Discover how to fill your pantry with garden fresh produce to feed your family healthy nutritious food. So many people want to start canning but are stuck.  They don’t know where to start.  

Simply Canning School is the tool you need to get moving.  

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