Starting a Vegetable Garden

How to grow vegetables for home canning and preserving.

Starting a Vegetable Garden - raised beds, containers, or even on a balcony is the perfect way to increase skills and save some money in these questionable times! can help!Gardening as a family.

Starting a vegetable garden, a good idea in questionable times! How to grow vegetables for home canning and preserving. Growing vegetables for the home gardener.

Once upon a time I thought I'd never be a "real" vegetable gardener. I knew nothing about how to grow vegetables. But I loved the idea of growing my own food for my family.

My husband however grew up gardening and remembers HATING the work involved. LOL! But he also now recognizes the benefits that experience gave him. With his help I've learned how to grow vegetables.

And with the help of canning books, experience, and friends I've learned the art of home canning and preserving.

I must add that where I live we have hard packed clay dirt. I don't even call it soil, it's DIRT.

As you look through my pages you will notice I plant in trenches in order to focus my watering efforts at the roots of plants. Raised beds don't work for me. My dirt is not dark and lovely to look at and run your fingers through. No picture perfect gardens here.

But you know what?! I manage to grow enough to feed my family year after year. If I can learn to garden in this type of dirt. I assure you, you can learn to garden too!

Gardening Articles

I'm joined in this section of Simply Canning by some guest authors.   Knowledge from others in different zones with different soil conditions is a valuable thing.

DIY Cold Frame

What a lovely morning building a do it yourself cold frame.   Spur of the moment idea and I had a blast!  I know that is a little weird isn't it?  

Click here to see my project.  

Planting Garlic in the Fall

A great thing about garlic is that it is planted in the fall and is one of the early things to arrive in your garden in the spring.  Very motivating! 

Growing Garlic

Growing garlic should be on your to do list if you have any kind of a garden. Is there a more versatile plant specimen on the planet than garlic?  Learn how easy it is to grow garlic here.....

Starting Seeds Indoors

My first and biggest mistake was to assume that if I followed the growing guidelines on the back of my seed packets, I would have optimum yields. Not always so...

Squashing the Squash Bugs Dillema

The first thing to know is that squash bugs spend their winter as adults in protected, sheltered areas near, in, and around previously infested garden locations.  See how to rid yourself of these critters.

Tips for Growing Okra

Okra, like many other vegetables you grow in your home garden, tastes so much better than what you will buy in the store. Read more on how to grow okra here....

Growing Sweet Potato Slips

Some people bed their sweet potatoes in soil by burying about half of the sweet potato in soil at least a foot deep. Some people cut their sweet potatoes in half and place them in water so that each half of potato is half-way covered. I use another water method for growing sweet potato slips.

Perfect Parsley

Growing Parsley yourself means you've got fresh ready at hand for your kitchen.  My favorite recipe that uses parsley comes from a dish that my mom used to make.  She dubbed it parsley potatoes.  Read more about growing Parsley here....

Hardening Off Tomatoes

Hardening off tomatoes before tossing them out in the garden is important... don't skip it!  What exactly does “hardening off” mean anyway? Read more about how to harden off tomatoes.... 

Garden Volunteers

What do you do with volunteers in your garden? Not the kind who show up and want to help you get some work done, who wouldn't like that?  I'm asking about the plant kind.  Read more about Volunteer Plants...

Drip System Irrigation

I use drip system irrigation in part of my garden. Not the entire garden…. yet.  For a climate like ours with very little rain, a drip irrigation system is perfect.
Read more about drip system irrigation.....

Tips for New Gardeners

Top three tips I would recommend to new home vegetable gardeners.   

Beekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping for Beginners Review

Thought of keeping bees for honey or pollination? Here’s my Beekeeping for Beginners review, discussing this book that dives into the basics of keeping bees.

Click this link to learn more.

How to Grow Watermelon

How to Grow Watermelon

How to grow watermelon includes instructions from planting to harvesting, plus recipes using watermelon!

Learn about growing watermelon here.

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