Just bought them this spring (2011)

by Sue
(New Hamshire)

I just bought the reusable canning lids this spring and like everyone else was surprised at the thinness of the rubber rings as I was used to the old fashioned one when I helped my mother can years ago.

Since everything I had read on line said people had not tried them in the pressure canner, that was what I had to try. I canned chicken with them and they performed great.

I did not have any trouble with the directions for tightening the bands and then backing off a quarter inch. Just tighten as if you were tightening for storage and then unscrew the band just a little bit.

That is just for contraction and expansion of the liquid and air as it heats. The air has to get out or the jar will break.

Rhubarb is ready now here in NH so I will be using some for that in the water bath and I expect them to perform admirably.

I will be purchasing more as I have to replace my metal lids eventually anyway.

Tattler Lids can be Purchased here...

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May 24, 2011
Thanks for sharing that.
by: Grace

I just bought some, myself, and I haven't tried them out yet. Good to hear they did well in the pressure canner, as that's where I will be using them most.

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Overall, canning lids worked great

by Vicki

I’m pretty new to canning, so I'm no expert as far as comparing the lids. But I did use the Tattler lids to can apples, peaches, tomatoes, and to pressure can potatoes.

I was worried about having to line-up the rubber ring with the cap, but they went together easily. There is a ridge in the plastic to hold the ring in place.

Unfortunately, since the lids are plastic, I couldn't use my lifting wand to get them out of the hot water (ouch!).

You also don't get to hear the "ping" to know they are sealed. You have to check if the center is sunk-in. That's not easy to see, but I could feel it. Most of them sunk-in right away, and the rest did a few minutes later.

I, too, found the “tighten the band, then turn back ¼ inch” hard to do. How tight is tight? How much turning do you do for ¼ inch? Then you have to tighten them again when you take them out of the canner and remember to remove the rings for storage. Apparently I got it right because everything sealed, except one.

Those red sealing rings are very thin. When one jar didn’t seal, I took it apart to find I had put two red rings together on it. I did use some of the lids and sealing rings a second time with good results.

Overall, I think the lids worked great, and plan to use them for most things. For foods I’d probably give away (like jellies) I’ll still use the metal lids, so I don’t have to worry about getting my Tattlers back.

Tattler Lids can be Purchased here...

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Aug 23, 2012
Lifting the lids
by: Anonymous

Norpro makes a lid rack that sits right in the pan and you can lift it out when you need the lid. No more burned fingers.

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Used them this season, really like them.

by Maria Stahl
(New Albin, IA)

I bought some Tattler lids to try for the 2010 canning season. At first I got only about a 50% seal rate and wrote to the company.

They encouraged me to try again and to really watch how much I was backing off the tightening. Just a quarter inch, no more. They suspected I was turning it back more than that, and I'm sure they were right.

They also said it's important to leave an inch of headspace in the jars, which I had also not taken very seriously, as I usually do about a half inch and it's usually fine. But once I changed those two things, I had no more failures than with metal lids.

I do quite a bit of pressure canning and am just as happy with them in the pressure canning as in the BWB canner.

The one downside that I see to them is that if you give away a lot of canned goods, you either have to be willing to admit that you may never get your expensive Tattler lids back, or can part of each batch with metal lids so that you have something less expensive for sharing.

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Jan 19, 2013
Tattler lids work!
by: Poojoali

Used Tattler lids for the first time and 100% seal rate for about 15 quart and pint cans. I agree with the suggestions of leaving 1" head space, tightening the bands then backing it off about 1/4".

Don't forget to wipe the glass rims first also before applying the lids as any food particles caught between the glass and the seal will either ruin the seal or contaminate the jar.

They are pricey if you give away a lot of canned goods, I intend to make a few with the old metal Ball lids for gifting as I can batches with Tattler.

Jan 07, 2011
That's true
by: Maria Stahl

It hasn't bothered me any, but yes, I have noticed some staining.

Jan 07, 2011
Tatter Canning Lids
by: Michelle in Colorado

Tomato based sauces, chili's can stain the lids.

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Used Tattler Lids for the first time this Summer

by anonymous

I used the Tattler reusable lids for the first time this summer on 10 jars of tomatoes. I wasn't sure how the seal would keep so I used them only on the food we would be using and not giving away.

They have worked just fine, no problems getting a good seal. I only have to mention that one needs to be a little bit more careful when removing the lid for the first time since it seems to take a greater 'pull'.

I will use Tattler Reusable Lids exclusively next summer, if all the jars stay well sealed over the winter.

Tattler Lids can be Purchased here...

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I have not used these lids, but...

by Crustyrusty

...as they are made of plastic and not metal, and plastic is porous, I could see possibly losing vacuum through the lid itself over time.


Hi, I thought your concern was worth checking out. So I e-mailed Tattler to see if this has been a problem. This is the answer I got back.

"As long as the directions are followed, and users use USDA approved canning methods, there should be no concern with loss of vacuum.

We have jars which have been sealed for years, and currently have photos of jars on our Facebook page which we sealed last year, using 35 year old lids and rings, that still maintain their seal today."

Liz left a comment regarding this on SimplyCanning's Facebook page.

I have used them for three years now, and tell you that they do not lose their vacuum. I still have some applesauce from the first year that I used them, and the lids are still perfectly sealed. Not all plastic is porous enough to allow air molecules to pass through. . I can't recommend them enough. Much better than having to buy new lids each year.

Tattler Lids can be Purchased here...

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