Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living

a book review.....

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Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living: A Book Review

Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living.

The first thing I noticed in this book is the cover, and how gorgeous Stacy is.  She is probably rolling her eyes right now if she reads this.  (hi Stacy!)

Then I open the book and inside…. MORE gorgeous pictures.  Seriously,  Stacy is not only a great cook she has a talent for photography too.

Each recipe in the book has a full color picture to show you what it should look like.  And they are mouth watering good!

OK so let's get past the images and on to the actual recipes and articles. 

I skimmed through the recipes and to my delight I see … ingredients that I think I already have in my cupboard!  No trips to a fancy grocer (of which there are none by me) to find ingredients that I don’t really even know what they are!  Another point for Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living.

I noticed that she has an article about canning. So of course I need to check that out.  Yes, Stacy recommends a water bath for high acid foods and suggests you follow USDA guidelines for pressure canning vegetables and meat.  Way to go Stacy!  So glad she promotes healthy safe home canning. 

Some Recipes

  • Wild blueberry pie (oh if only blueberries would grow wild here)
  • Sassafras Tea - Now that sounds like a cool southern thang.  (Can you hear my drawl?)
  • Farmers Style Chicken
Squash recipes.

Venison and Wild Game Recipes

Since we are a hunting family I eagerly skim over all the garden recipes and articles……

Right to the….. Woods and Water section.  I’m looking for venison recipes and here is where I’ll find it. 

Stuffed Venison Loin,  Not only does this book have the recipe, it also has directions on how to butterfly and truss your loin to make it.  Complete with pictures.

Lets see what else? Chili, Burritos,  Oh now THIS one sounds good.  

Cocoa Crusted Venison with Berry Reduction!   That will be on my list to try for sure. 

Here are a few more....

Venison recipes.

Also included are wild fowl recipes,  fish tacos, fried rabbit and buttermilk biscuits.

Where to go?

Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living can be found at Amazon here.  

and here is one last image...

Eggplant lasagna recipe.

Stacy sent me this book to review.  And I'm so glad she did! 

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