OM Gosh! It's still here!

by Nervonahh

Gone three years ,plus .I come home to my empty house I left. And what is there to greet ,me ? But my old No.21 qt. cooker/ canner. Sitting right in the middle of the empty shed.

Most all else was gone, people helped themselves to a lot of my stuff just proves how messed up they're value systems are now adays .But I'm glad!! all to my benefit I'd say LOL!

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I love my old Presto

by Nikki
(Marysville, California)

I've had an old style Presto since the 70's. Before that I had my grandmother's old monster-thing I was too afraid to use by myself. If I was going to die, I wanted a witness!

I love my old 'jiggler' pressure canner. I can do other things and listen to what's going on. I don't have to pull up a chair and stare at it for an hour and a half.

I bought an All American, because everyone was. I've never unboxed it. If our civilization goes by the wayside, and gaskets aren't made, and the 2 I have stored give out, THEN I'll sit at the stove and watch a pressure canner maintain pressure.

I've canned everything in my Presto. All sorts of vegetables and fruit, beef, venison, pork, and fish. I've had few jar failures (I think just about every one was my fault), and I haven't killed us, or the chickens,when I threw out the left-overs.

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One is not enough

by Rick G

One All American, One Presto, One stove!  :0)

One All American, One Presto, One stove! :0)

My wife and I have two Presto 16 qt canners that bought right after we were married(24 yrs ago).

We do a lot of canning and running two at a time sure speeds things up. We use a double gas burner out on our porch.
We once tried another brand of canner(the heavy type), but they take sooo long to heat up and cool down. The Prestos are quick and plenty durable.

Our local hardware store carries parts but we've only replaced the seal gasket, rubber safety plug, and gauge grommet.

The canners still look great and if we ever had to buy again, we would absolutely buy the same ones again.

  • 16-Quart Presto Pressure Canner - holds up to 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars.

  • 22-Quart Presto Pressure Canner - holds 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars.

  • 23-Quart Presto Pressure Canner - holds 20 pint jars or 7 quart jars.

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    I agree, two presto canners.
    by: Tina

    I agree with the two canner option it is much faster. We use the burner on our bar-b-q grill. Brian brings it into the garage. The heat is outdoors and it is close to the kitchen.

    by: Grace

    I only have one (It's a Presto) and you are right, I need two. I had never thought to can outside on burners. What a great idea! All that heat NOT in the house. Thank you for that. Going burner hunting this weekend!

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    In Love with my Presto Pressure Canner!

    by Melissa
    (Galloway, WI, USA)

    I have a 22 quart Presto Pressure Canner/Cooker with a weighted gauge and LOVE it.

    I've owned it 2 years and so far I've had absolutely no problems. It works like a dream and if I could marry it, I would.

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    New to Canning but Lovin it,
    Love my Presto Pressure Canner

    by BB

    I love my presto canner.

    The first year I started canning I borrowed a 22 Quart Presto canner from a friend. It was easy to use and the directions in the book were great. That book answered all my questions with recipes to go with it!

    The second year I bought my own 16 Quart presto canner. Which I love. It is lightweight and works wonderfully on my glasstop range. But It doesn't do very many pints at a time.

    So this year I borrowed my friend 22 Quart and used my 16 Quart at the same time. It was an awesome canning event at my house!! My help and I kept both canners going and canned nearly 50 Quarts of green beans in 1 day! (I allow the canners to cool on their own, I DO NOT use the water cooling method on them)

    I love the smaller canner the best, since it is lighter weight it is easier to lift off the range when full. But the 22 Quart and 23 Quart are more versatile since they double as a water bath canner and will process more pints at a time.

    I am actually going to buy another canner of my own for next summer. I am amazed at how much you can process at home without all the additives, canning is a much healthier option than store bought can goods.

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    Presto Pressure Canner Rviews

    by Star

    I like it! hehehe... you wanted more than that. Well, it's pretty simple, it's easy to use. My friend's mother gave her an older Mirro canner. While it works well, it just has a weighted rocker on it. Personally, I like seeing the number guage and knowing for sure what the pressure is.

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    My National Presto No. 7 is one of my oldest friends.

    After I was first married, my grandma brought her canner to my house and helped me can vegetables from the garden.

    Years later, I was blessed with the acquisition of her old canner and that is a very special memory.

    My mom and I have since canned lots of food together.... vegetables, venison, and chicken/turkey.

    She uses a newer model of Presto No. 7 which is harvest gold in color. Mine is dingy and old looking but it is certainly a trusted friend. I love the ritual and I always pull my chair up right in front of the stove to keep an eye on the pressure gauge during processing.

    My husband helps me with the canning now and our oldest son has even borrowed it to can his own salsa. Ooops! The pressure regulator just popped up so I better get my chair over there........ :)

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    Presto Pressure canner

    by Paige
    (Illinois, USA)

    My grandma bought a Presto Pressure canner (22 quart) in 1975, and we still use it today.

    Absolutely no problems with it. she's had to replace the gasket, but that's just aging.

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    Presto Pressure Canner

    by Kathy Anderson
    (Keswick Ridge, NB, Canada)

    I bought the 22qt presto pressure canner several years ago to properly can venison. I now use it for so much more.

    I do can some vegetables but use it more for homemade chicken broth from our own chickens, then chicken soup, and also dark broth(made from deer meat).

    I love having all the goodies on hand for the winter, people laugh and say I could survive for weeks if not months on my stock.

    The presto canner has never given me a problem and I have never been concerned with it's safety. Once in a while the large seal is not quite in place, noticed when the pressure doesn't build up, quickly corrected by taking off the cover then back on.

    We need to continue the trend that we all got away from, use our local farmers, eat local, and stop eating out of boxes.

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    It works Great.

    by someone

    I don't have both the Presto and the All American so this is not a perfect comparison. The thing that finally sold me on the Presto rather than the All American (other than price, as I am willing to pay for quality) is the heat up and cool down times. I have read that it takes quite a time for the All American to heat and cool.

    This makes sense because it is made with such thick metal. If you are trying to can more than one batch in a day and only have one canner, a canner that heats and cools quicker might make a difference. It might also use less energy.

    Like I said before though, I don't have both and cannot attest to the fact that one is faster than the other, but that is why I chose the Presto. =)

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    Love My Presto 22 Qt. Canner

    by Chris

    We've had our Presto 22-qt. canner since our first garden together, 21 years ago. It has the weighted gauge, and only thing we've needed for it is the occasional replacement gasket.

    We've canned everything from our garden and hunts: deer, pork, mushrooms, tomato, green beans, soups....I don't know how we'd manage without it, as we can easily can around 700 qt. jars in a season.

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    Presto Pressure Cookers in general

    by Toni
    (San Jose, Ca.)

    I have been in housewares (selling parts and providing service for 37 years! and even selling Pressure cookers). I have sold Presto parts for years and years.

    When I started to can, I went to the flea market and got a 16 qt. older style heavy aluminum pressure canner. No sweat! I bought all new parts. I also pressure tested it to be sure it held air. I looked it over carefully of course. It had barely been used.

    The newer units have a "rocking" style pressure regulator. The old ones have the center part that raises 5-10-15 pounds.

    The thing is, explosions of cookers usually only happen when there is a worn out part, or someone using it on too high heat.

    The steam vent (in the center of cooker or on the side where the regulator goes on) can become blocked with minerals, or food particles. Check to be sure that hole is clear all the time.

    My customers always used the gaskets way beyond what they were meant to do.The shrinkage will cause it to leak and get the gasket hot. Change the gaskets! clean out the grooves where the gasket sits! this causes a bad fit.

    Also the regulator and air vent get worn out. The center of the rocking regulator (looks like a many sided star washer) can corrode and fall out. Therefore you cannot build pressure at all. The little rubber air vent (on the outside or under the handle) can leak and fall out-they shrink.
    I am thinking about a newer model soon. They are lighter.

    I like people to be safe. Please read directions! People usually do not.

    I hope this helped some people. I have always like my 2 pressure cookers and my old canner.

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    Only Presto Pressure Canners have the fail-safe pop-up visual lid lock

    by canning mom

    I have always owned Presto canners. I have a cast-aluminum Model 7B which is a 16 quart model, and I have used it for 38 years straight. It does a fine job.

    HOWEVER, I also own a 22-quart, a 23-quart, and a 16-quart of the more modern variety.
    The 22-quart is actually on 'extended loan' to my daughter right now.

    My experience with these newer canners has been very good. What I really appreciate is the safety factor of having the lid lock system. There is NO possibility of accidentally taking off the lid when pressure is still in the vessel!!!!

    I find that ALL the canners cool down fairly quickly, of course it might take a few minutes more if you have 20 pints stacked, than it might if you were just doing five or six!!!!

    Pressure canners heat up a bit faster if you are doing hot pack because all the food is hotter to begin with.

    With the 22 and 23 quart models it is possible to water bath quarts, and with the 16 quart model it is possible to water bath pints.

    I don't know if the 7B would water bath pints because I just pressure can everything.

    It is possible to water bath in just about any vessel that has 4-6 inches of space above the jars. One inch to 2 inches of boiling water above the jars and about 4 inches of space for a rolling boil (without the water jumping out of the pot and all over your feet!!!!)

    I loved the cast aluminum cookers, but have been pleasantly surprised with the newer models.

    Presto is the ONLY pressure canner that is designed for use on smooth-top stoves.
    Presto has the 'raised bottom' that fits the burner and the sides of the canner are about 1/2 inch off the stovetop. This means that heat doesn't transfer out to the rest of the glass or ceramic stovetop. Even with a cycle-on-cycle-off type burner, once the pressure is up there is no trouble keeping it at the required temperature.

    I have helped someone learn to can chicken in a Presto 16-quart canner and on a smooth top stove. We saw the burner glowing red, then fading down, etc., but the dial gauge read the right temperature, and the 'jiggler' (weighted gauge) was rocking gently on the 10 pound 'weight.'

    Lastly, it is very easy indeed to get that lid on and off. I don't have arthritis, but if I did my Prestos would still be easy to can with.

    Gaskets have been improved. The new ones are very easy to use and DON'T need oiling with anything. I think cooking oil and so forth may actually deteriorate the gaskets.
    I often just wet down the inside of the gasket to be sure it will slide easily as I put on the lid.

    Comments for Only Presto Pressure Canners have the fail-safe pop-up visual lid lock

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    by: Anonymous

    Anyone who generates a pressure seal with an All American would have to physically loosen all six screw handles, then would have to rotate the heavy lid about 10deg to have the lid come off. Could any of us do that accidentally? Of course not.

    The Chinese made Prestos, on the other hand, only have the lightweight lid that required a small counterclockwise turn, as did the old Mirros from before the 70's.

    So, though the Chinese Prestos have the visual lid lock, the Mirro canners since the early 80's have had a lid lock also, one that locks the handle from being turned.

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    Loved my No.5 National Canner

    by Pat Hall
    (Kokomo, In.)

    I would still love to have my No.5 National Pressure cooker like I had in the 50's. Used this for many years for cooking and canning. It held 5 qt. or 7 pt. Was just right for us!

    Comments for Loved my No.5 National Canner

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    National 5 canner
    by: Anonymous

    You can buy them off ebay! Check for lowest price plus shipping, as there are several available, and prices vary widely according to seller. Also, make sure it is complete - you can get a replacement gasket online (no problem) but the pressure regulator is hard to find.

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