Pressure Canners

Presto or All American: Which is Best? 

with Sharon Peterson

My video review and comparison of the two pressure canners that I own.   What do you prefer?  The All American or the Presto? Video notes are included below the video. 

Pressure Canners Comparison : Video Notes


Both have safety features, like the rubber overpressure plug.

Both come in a variety of sizes that you might want.  Mine will hold 7 quart jars or 18 pint jars.  Pints can be double layered.  There are even larger canners that hold 14 quart jars.   These are very tall.  Be sure you measure the area above your stove so you know you have room.

Both have the same type of rack.  Flat with holes that allow water to flow around your jars and keeps the jars off the bottom. 


Presto has a rubber gasket inside the rim of the lid.  This gasket seals the lid to the body and allows pressure to build inside the canner.  The gasket may need to be replaced every so often.  Mine lasted for years and years. 

All American has no gasket.   It seals metal to metal.  There are handles around the lid to screw the lid to the body of the canner.  It has been reported that the lid will sometimes ‘stick’.  This is easily solved by lubricating the lid with a bit of oil. 

Dial Gauge vs weighted gauge. 

The Presto Pressure canner is a dial gauge.  You will watch this gauge to determine the pressure build up in the canner.  This gauge needs to be checked for accuracy about every other year. 

The All American Canner has a gauge but use as a weighted gauge canner.  The dial is just an indicator of approximate pressure build up.  The weights are what is used to determine when pressure is correct. 

Metal Quality

The All American Canner is heavier. Will last forever! Some very old All American Canners are still in use.   Some people like the heavier weight…. It feels solid.  Some feel like it is too heavy to handle easily. 

The Presto is a lighter weight metal.  It is still designed for pressure canning so it is still safe. 

Handle design

The handles on the Presto are awkward.  I feel like they are designed poorly.  The sturdy handle on the All American Canner makes it very easy to move and lift. 

Cost Value

The All American is more expensive.  The quality is there so I do believe it is worth the price. 

Both canners are good canners.  Pick one based on your personal preference and learn to use it.  Pressure canning is fun and is a great way to fill your pantry. 

Pressure Canners: Which Brand is Best and Why?
Pressure canners.

The All American Canner that I have can be purchased here....   They also have both the larger and smaller sizes.  

Presto Pressure Canners can be purchased at most Ace hardwares stores or online at

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