Peach Jam Recipe

by Sambia
(Panama City Beach, FL)

My x husband and I use to make tons of peach jelly/ jam and peach syrup. I made a lot of it, but cannot remember the amounts of fruit vs. sugar. I think 5 cups of fruit and 5 cups of sugar and 1 pack of Sure jell, and we used fruit fresh instead of lemon. Is this correct? Or was it more fruit/sugar?

Also, I cannot remember how I made the syrup. That was his job mixing the ingredients. I love peach syrup, but I am not sure about the recipe.

No other fruit was used in the syrup or jelly/jam. I just love peach. Can you help?


I have two different recipes on my site. One is an an Almond Peach Jam Recipe and the other is a Spiced Peach Jam Recipe. If you want just peach without the extra flavorings (almond or spiced) simply leave out the spices.

Both of these are made with no pectin. If you prefer a pectin based jam directions will be right in the box of pectin. It is very easy.

For peach syrup, just don't cook as long and the texture will be thinner.

I hope that helps.

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Home made peach jam
by: Mitchell

My grandmother always used certo pectin and she used equal peaches and sugar, however I know that she made larger batches and cannot remember how many certo pouches used.

The thing that she did that was different from any other recipe was that she would cook the peaches and sugar and lemon together, add the certo at the proper stage.

When ready to put in the jars, we had a large pan of fresh peach chunks, that we would stir into the pot and coat really good, just cooking ever so slightly, enough I guess to heat through. Then fill the jars and process accordingly, talking about a super fresh peach flavor, and getting chunks of fresh peaches in every bite.

Also, as I remember she used Alberta peaches, which are NOT Freestone, and they have the BEST flavor of all, her logic which was correct, was that you have to butcher the peaches off the pit, so they were best for jam/butters etc.

The would put the pits over in a seperate pan because they had peach meat all over them and simmer in some sugar water til the fruit came off and add that to jellies etc.

Also, when canning, peaches (sliced or halves) we ALWAYS put a peach pit or two in each jar, supposed to keep the peach flavor better. I don't know if this helps or not, just something we have always done.

Bridgewater Va

Peach Jellies, Jams and Syrup
by: Sambia

Thank you Mitchell, I will give this a try. Sounds great!

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