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The Pantry Journal

A Canning and Preserving Notebook Keeps you Organized

Pantry Journal.  A home preservers recordkeeping for the garden, canning dehydrating and food storage.

Organization is your best friend you know!

Organizing a Garden and Pantry Journal is a great idea for convenience and a wise idea for improved production. 

Get a three ring notebook and dividers for the materials included.   

The first time I decided to keep a canning record it was VERY simple.  I had a piece of notebook paper that I wrote down the date and what I canned that day. 

At the end of the season it was kind of fun to count up how many jars I canned.  I was shocked at how much I did... a little at a time and it really added up.

NEW! The Pantry Journal is now editable.  Personally, I print the journal up and write it down as I go.  My Journal is on a shelf in my kitchen ready for me to pick up at a moments notice and jot down what I want to remember. 

However I am aware that in this computer age, many folks like to keep it all electronically.  

If you plan on using the pantry journal as an electronic record keeer, I suggest you save a copy as your master copy.   Then save it again renaming it with this year.  For example your main copy will be Pantry Journal, then your copy for this year will be Pantry Journal 2014.

This way next year you can save the master copy again as Pantry Journal 2015.  Each year you will have a fresh copy to work with and can save each year as you go.

If you are like me and like a paper copy, just print it up and place in a 3 ring notebook.  Next year reprint the work pages,  no need to reprint the instructional pages.... unless you want to. 

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Canning Records

The first year was a guess as to how many jars to make of each type of food. The second year I simply looked back at last year’s list and noted what I ran out of early and planned to make more. 

5 Easy Steps to figure out how much YOUR family needs. 

I’ve included information on the 5 simple steps I use to figure out how much to preserve for my family.  Use my handy fill in the chart worksheet to help you figure out YOUR families needs.

Handy reference sheets. 

  • Altitude Adjustment Chart
  • Water bath Canning - time and head space requirements
  • Pressure Canning - time, head space and pressure requirements   
  • Dehydrating suggestions and time suggestions. 
  • Measurement conversions
  • Tips on how much foods fit into jars 
  • Recipes for sugar syrups and information on substituting honey for sugar. 

A calendar helps to track things too. 

It might not seem important to track what the dates were that you canned.  But I found it helpful to look back at last year’s list and see what dates I started canning certain foods.  I can assume that these foods will be in season at approximately the same times this year.  I can plan around these dates.   

Freezing and Drying Records

Many canners also preserve foods in other ways too.  So I also include ways to track these activities too.

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New Bundle Pack

NEW!  PDF E-book bundle.  Get Simply Canning and Pantry Journal both together as a combination pack. 

19.99 for Both E-books.  Important this is available in pdf download e-book format only. Download right to your computer.  Print what you want or use electronically.

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For more information on the Pantry Journal click here.

For more information on Simply Canning: Survival Guide to Safe Home Canning click here. 

What Others have said...

I downloaded the Pantry Journal and am so pleased!

It can be printed to hard copy, plus saved on the computer for new pages to be print whenever needed.

It will assist in planning the garden, keeping track of what kinds of fruit and vegetables that we plant, the amount we harvest (or buy), the number of jars that we are able to can ... then, for planning for years ahead, we'll be able to look back and see what recipes, the amount (and if too little or too much) ...

there's so much more and I am looking forward to all the help it will provide!!

I'm printing it out right now - I needed this type of planning.
I'm glad to start keeping records - this planning book is priceless for those of us who like to plan.

Joan Crain ~

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