Love my 921 All American canner.


Easy to use. Although taking the lid off sometimes takes a little nudge here and there it is not a big problem.

This size is heavy and could not handle any size bigger. I like canning tomatoes because I do not have to add lemon or citric acid to the tomatoes which sometimes causes having to add more salt in food recipes.

We stepped us usage of the canner as not to have to buy another freezer with the cost of electricity etc.

We have a small garden by some standards but during peak it produces much more than we can eat at a time.


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Uncle Recommended

by Mrs, Jones

I was interested in buying a pressure canner. I consulted my Uncle who worked in the restaurant supply business for over 25 years. He recommended the All American for two major reasons.

1- they have NO SEAL that has to be replaced. That means that there are no parts that have to be purchased to use it.

2- they have been in business a LONG time and still make parts for all of the canners they have manufactured over the years.

I love this canner. One of my favorite features it that there is a gauge and weight. You can hear the weight moving even if you leave the room, so you know your pressure is being maintained.

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Checked on Amazon
by: Mike

And it has the most positive/least negative reviews of just about anything I've ever seen on the website. I put one on my wishlist!

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Serious about canning? All American is the way to go.

by Mrs. Stephen E. Colvin
(East Tennessee)

I've owned 4 different canners over the 32 years I've been canning for our large family. I have 13 children and we have a I can A LOT. I own the largest canner American makes and I'm in my second year of using it. I often would have two pressure canners going at once on my stove up till I can use one and get 5 more quarts done than before!

You must occasionally take some oil (any oil like canola or corn will do) and oil the rim where the canner lid and base come in contact. This is SOOOO easy compared to trying to deal a gasket.

The only thing I"m learning to do even now is to use a gauge and a weight...the weight doesn't jiggle on 10 pounds pressure until the gauge reads 12 pounds...there is a small learning curve, but ohhhh, the speed!

The 941 is a large and heavy canner. I often have a teenage boy or my husband move it for me...well worth the effort though. If I could have bought this canner 32 years ago, I would have been better off with many less hassles! Seiously consider the All American Canner!

The Farmer's Wife

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