How to Freeze Dry Cherries

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How to Freeze Dry Cherries

Learning how to freeze dry cherries is SO rewarding. They take a little while, but oh, they’re so good. They taste like a crunchy cherry and make a great snack for road trips, etc.

While teaching you how to freeze dry cherries today, I used cherries from my freezer. They were two years old, so they needed to be used up.

Learn more about my freeze dryer here.

Video on How to Freeze Dry Cherries:

How to Freeze Dry Cherries:

Rinsing cherries.

Use pitted cherries. (Unpitted cherries won't freeze dry properly.) Since I was using frozen cherries, I also rinsed the cherries with warm water to break them up into pieces.

I filled my trays fairly lightly. Usually, when you’re freeze drying, you can put a solid, single layer. But since I didn’t have enough cherries to fill all four trays that way, and I read cherries take a long time to freeze dry anyway, I decided to do a light load instead. If I freeze dry cherries again, I’ll use full trays to see if it requires more time than smaller loads.

Freeze Drying Cherries

Freeze dried cherry.
Jar of freeze dried cherries.
Freeze dried cherry.

Turn your freeze dryer on.

Put trays of cherries into the freeze dryer.

Let freeze dryer run for about a day and a half.

My batch finished in the middle of the night, taking a total of 38 hours. (It took a little longer than I expected. However, anything with more sugar takes longer, and cherries do contain more sugar.) These didn’t go into long-term storage, since I was sure they’d be eaten soon. Instead, I stored my freeze dried cherries in a canning jar with a tight lid. (An airtight container keeps them fresh, especially if you live in a humid area.)

And now you know how to freeze dry cherries!

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How to Freeze Dry Cherries

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