Cost-benefit wise, it works, but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

by Mark
(Lansdowne, PA)

We're active canners, we can twice a year: fresh veggies at the end of the summer, and soups and stocks in the winter. We're still relative newbies with our 23 Quart Canner at 3 years of using it, we have pretty much worked out the kinks in the process, but we're not without an epic failure every once in a while (i.e. an entire batch of ham and bean soup failed to seal).

The hardest thing to do is maintain the pressure with the standard 15 lb. regulator that comes stock with the canner.

There is a three-piece 5 / 10 / 15 on the market that we're considering. Other than the occasional hiccups, we're just as happy with our presto as we could be with any pressure canner. When I comparison shopped, I found that it suits our needs for what we need without breaking the bank.

Do I love it? No. Do I hate it? No. It is what I'm used to, and is right-sized to what we do.

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First time canner

by Christopher Doiron
(Quebec, Canada)

I like the Presto Pressure Canner because I find that it is simple to use and feels very safe.

A few things I noticed as a beginner is that it didn't seem to be able to regulate pressure on a flat surface stove my mother has. We had to test another stove, a older stove with elements where it was much much easier to regulate.

My only complaint is that I wasn't able to find different weights. The one provided is for 15 pounds but I'm worried that if my pressure changes while canning that I might spoil the meat. I would have preferred the ability to purchase a 10/11/12 pound weight to remove some of the stress on my lack of experience.

The canner is well constructed at a good price point. I've now owned it for two months and would recommend it, provided that other weights could be found.

Christopher, I just thought I'd let you know that the standard weights that come with pressure canners are 5 - 10 - and 15 pound weights.

What you will want to do is use the next weight up from what is required. For example, if your elevation requires 12 pounds of pressure you'd use the 15 pound weight.

Hope that helps!

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Great Customer Service

by Barbra
(Island Park, NY USA)

I have an Presto 18 quart that gets a workout every year. I noticed what looked like a crack in the side, and called Presto. They were very nice about it and had me send the whole thing, top and all, in for checking.

There is no crack, just a scratch. I got it back with a new gauge, new rubber stopper, new sealing belt, and totally cleaned and checked. So this summer I put it back to work. It's been going strong for almost 30 years and will probably continue for more than another 30.

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16 qt Presto Pressure Canner

by marlene deveraux

I have always just water bathed hot peppers and tomatoes for year and decided this year to try my luck at using a pressure canner.

I want to say that I have looked all over the internet for the best information about canning vegetables and found that your site was the very best and great pictures and steps to follow.

I should be getting my presto 16qt pressure cooker on the 1st of Sept. Looking forward to canning green beans, potatoes, corn and carrots. I love how you have explained all the steps for canning.

I hope everything turns well for me :8)
I also am going to be canning on my ceramic top stove. I have always water bathed on it and all had gone well. I plan on next year to get a big hot plate to use outside.
looking forward to canning :8) Marlene

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37 years....happy with Presto quality and dependability

by Anonymous

37 years ago my Aunt gave me my first 4 quart Presto cooker for a wedding gift. I just yesterday cooked another batch of dried pinto beans in that cooker!

My Mom always had a garden and froze and canned lots of produce so pressure canning wasn't anything new to me when I married. Right now I have 2 pressure canners and 2 pressure cookers that are all different sizes and 3 of the 4 are Presto brand.

I have found them to be unbelievably reliable! I have a large garden and often end up with both of the canners processing at the same time.

I prefer the canners that do not have a gauge dial. I find the weighted non gauge ones much less worrysome than trying to get to the extension office to get the gauge calibrated every year as recommended.

I'm very happy with Presto quality and dependability!

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