French Intensive Gardening

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Interview with Lorraine of Vegetable Gardening with Lorraine

French intensive gardening tips and advice from expert gardener Lorraine Ayre. Double dug gardens, raised beds, compost, worms and more.

The following is a transcript of a podcast I did with Lorraine of Vegetable Gardening with Lorraine.

What started out to be a brief interview turned into an amazing session on How to Garden! I've broken up our conversation into subjects and edited the transcripts for clarity.

Start of transcript:

Sharon: Lorraine you have a wonderful site! It's very easy to navigate which is really important to me and all kinds of information. I can tell you know what you are talking about. 

I was looking at your About Me page. You have lots of education on gardening. It says here that you majored in botany at Oregon State University and the University of Montana.

And you started organic gardening when you visited a now famous French intensive garden at UC of Santa Cruz. What was that all about?


We went on to discuss many topics on gardening naturally and working with the soil to produce a successful garden.

  • Double Dig Gardens and Raised Beds
  • Gardening in Clay Soil, Rototillers, Hard Pan and Hard Clay Soil
  • How to Make Compost, Compost pile or bin? Using kitchen compost,Mulch or Compost
  • Building a compost bin, Homemade compost bin, Ingredients for creating compost
  • Composting instruction, Using Manure in your garden, is it too hot? Compost it or just dig it right in?
  • Worms don't go in a compost bin, How to build a worm bin,
  • Bedding, Temperature, Do they smell?.... NO!
  • Compost Worms What type of worms, Red Wigglers
  • Harvesting and Using Worm Compost.
  • Feeding your Worms.
  • Garden tools, Why the investment in good tools is worth the expense.
  • Fall Garden Clean up

Links to pages of interest 

For more check out Vegetable-Gardening-with-Lorraine,

Seriously, check out her site. She has a wealth of information and experience.

Worm Composting 
Essential Gardening Tools 
French Intensive Gardening - Frameless Raised Beds 

As you can tell we covered many subjects. Be sure to visit Lorraine at

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