Freezing Peppers

Freezing peppers, whether they are jalapeño, green, red, or a mild chili, can help save sanity when there are too many to use up at once. Head to to learn some tricks and get ideas.

I spent my morning freezing peppers.  I was gifted with a whole box full of green peppers. A LOT of peppers!

There is no way I'm going to get them all used up before they go bad.  I don't really care for canned green peppers, (mushy ick).  We like pickled pepper rings but right now I have plenty.  

I'll make up some stuffed peppers for dinner but I'll still have some left over.  

I want to make and can some chili so I'd use a bunch in that... but I don't have time right now! (hear the slight whine in my voice?  Free food.... such a problem eh?! ) 

Solution? Freeze them up.  Easy quick way to take care of them now to use them up later. 

Usually when you are freezing vegetables you need to blanch them first. Freezing peppers is an exception. You do NOT need to blanch peppers first.

Freezing Peppers, green, Anaheim, mild chili, hot jalapenos.

Wash the peppers first. They may be frozen whole, halved, sliced, or diced. It is personal preference. It just depends on how you'd like to use them. I mostly pack diced 

To cut up your peppers simply chop off the top stem end of the pepper. I cut out the center of these tops and keep the edges.   Pull out the inside seeds and core of the pepper.  Then slice down each side making strips.  Finally chop each strip into the size pieces you want. 

Today I had so many peppers and needed to get them taken care of quickly.  I diced them up in rather largish pieces. And simply placed them in freezer bags.  Label and date the bags then place them in the freezer. 

Try not to stack them more than 2 deep.  You want them to freeze as quickly as possible and the center bags will take longer to freeze if you stack them high. 

Another option is to lay them in a flat tray or pan and freeze them this way.  After they have frozen place them in a large gallon size bag.  The peppers will be individually frozen and easy to pour out just how many you want for a recipe. 

If you freeze green peppers diced in 1/2 cup or 1 cup quantities they are ready to be tossed into a chili or soup recipe right from the freezer.  Measure out your quantities and place in inexpensive sandwich baggies. Then place the sandwich baggies in quart or gallon freezer bags. The sandwich bags will be less expensive but the freezer bags will give you the freezer protection your peppers need.

Remove as much air as possible by pressing your bag flat without crushing the peppers. Seal the bag.  Label with contents and date, and freeze.

Please note:

When handling hot peppers it is a very good idea to wear gloves. Especially if you will be cutting them up. The seeds can be very hot and may burn your skin. Be very careful not to touch your eyes or face! I have experienced burning on my hands and it is uncomfortable!

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